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7" LED Illuminated Platforms - White/Clear


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Introducing Pleaser's 7" LED Light Up Sandal Platforms. Each shoe is USB chargeable and has 7 Color Changes & 4 Lighting Patterns! The White/Clear has a black footbed and clear ankle straps.



There are five different light patterns to pick from 1. Solid Color 2. Flashing White 3. Dimming & Flashing One Colors 4. Dimming & Flashing of ALL Colors 5. Dimming, Pulsing & Flashing Pattern


Press the round button located at the back of the platform to turn the light on.

Continue to press the button until you have reached your desired colors and/or pattern.

To turn off, press & hold the button for 3 seconds until the ligths are OFF


No battery replacement required, each pair comes iwth one white 18in dual USB splitter charging cable. Allowing both right and left shoe to be charged at the same time. When charging, connect one end of the Y-cable to each shoe and connect the USB end to yourPC or AC adapter. Each shoe can stay continuously lit for up to 4 -5 hours! To maximize ligihting uptime, charge the shoes for at least one and half hours before each use. To avoid damge to the electronic components of this product, keep shoes and charging cable away from water and moisture.

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