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PoleFit® by BadKitty®


Bad Kitty® is the first company to study the movement, motions, and physical requirements of pole dancers. We started our research as pioneers with a blank canvas.
As a result of our studies, we discovered that there was a need to cater to the unique and varying body shapes, muscle tone & development of pole dancers. We also learned that there was a specific design, styling and functionality in pole clothing that was required and requested by pole dancers.  This functionality depended upon:

Fabric Wicking

Moisture is the enemy of pole as it causes the athlete to lose grip.  Pole is a strenuous physical activity and perspiration plays a heavy role in one’s success or failure. Fabric that brings moisture to the surface creates grip issues, whereas fabric that retains moisture against the skin causes chaffing and rashes.  As a solution to these problems, we sourced a fabric that would partially wick perspiration away from the skin while also preventing it from rising to the surface. 


Skin contact is of vital importance to a pole dancer because skin is what allows the athlete to grip the pole. Pole apparel requires design that allows for the most amount of exposed skin while also keeping "everything" in place. It also needs to assure certain areas of skin have exposure such as the under arms, tops of shoulders & thighs. PoleFit® meets these design requirements.


Pole has a sexy & artistic female element to it. Most women’s athletic apparel is masculine or "Tomboyish" and tends to be on the conservative side in terms of cut, colors and embellishments.  Pole apparel needs to reflect the essence of the lifestyle with sexy styling, and bright, robust colors and color combinations. PoleFit® offers a wide range of colorful and and feminine designs for pole dancers.


The best fabric, design and style still does not account for the performance of the garment.  Pole presents numerous unique challenges in terms of activewear performance.  The apparel needs to hold during inversions, extreme stretching and flexibility and high torque sideways revolutions (spins).  Most female athletic wear is not designed to perform under these extreme conditions but is instead designed to perform under upright activities such as running, climbing or cardio workouts. PoleFit® is designed to stay put and stay strong even in the most extreme pole poses.

Trouble areas

Most existing athleticwear that allows for skin exposure has very narrow inseams and is not suitable for full split or contortion positions.  "Muffin-Top" waistlines, "Sausage Leg" hems and numerous other "eleastic" or seam placement concerns were a main focus of complaint amongst pole dance beta testers.  Very few PoleFit® items use elastic but rather the fabric itself has a high level of stretch and bounces back naturally. This not only solves these concerns but allows our products to fit a much wider range of sizes. 
In response to those needs, the term “Pole Wear” was coined by our team to signify a new class of activewear. The product name PoleFit® was chosen as a representation of "Fitness" as well as a descriptor that the apparel has a "Fit" designed for pole activity.  There remains a long list of standards that must be adhered to before an article of clothing gets a PoleFit® label.

The results of our research

Over the course of the past 5+ years, we have taken this research and put it into development. The result is a complete line of Pole Wear designed for all shapes and sizes.  We also focus on specific problem areas and unique issues. For example, many pole dancers have extremely developed lats or they are petite with extremely well developed muscles.  Our clothing and sizing takes these unique challenges into account.

The PoleFit® line of pole wear includes a wide range of tops, bottoms, leggings, capris and accessories.  Our clients may purchase our products direct from our website or via one of our 2,500+ registered Authorized Pole Studio Resellers located in 70+ countries worldwide.