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Shamrocks & Sequins

Shamrocks & Sequins

☘ In the rolling hills with emerald green grass in the land of Bad Kitty, there once was maiden who was very pretty.

☘ She took a stroll and found a pole, one that she could dance on.

☘ And by chance did it happen, that through a glance did she see, a leprechaun named Sean who would grant wishes, three!

☘ Her first wish was obvious, Green PoleFit, please! The second was not so easy, maybe even cheesy.

☘ But St. Patrick's Day approaches and she needed to prepare with flair what to wear. Sequin and Shamrocks was there to answer her prayer.

☘ So she could save her second wish to receive a kiss from a fair prince indeed.

☘ Prepare yourself for pinches and gold coins with all of our emerald green apparel that is sure to please any Leprechaun named Sean. =^.^=

Don't get caught without your green garb this year! ☘