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Hometown: Ogden, UT


  • ★ National Aerial Pole Arts 2013 - Champion
  • ★ Pole Expo 2012 Pole-A-Palozza - Champion
  • ★ International Pole Masters Cup 2012 - Female Champion
  • ★ Bad Kitty Trix Battle 2012 Champion
  • ★ The North American Pole Dance Championship National Elite 2012 - Champion
  • ★ National Aerial Pole Art 2012 – Tricks Battle Champion


Charlee Wagner’s background spouts from seven years as a competition All-Star Cheerleader where she earned a full-ride scholarship to Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. While attending school she discovered aerial arts and fell in love with aerial hammock and pole fitness. Because she was strong and flexible from cheerleading, she was able to begin in upper level classes and found herself excelling quickly.

With her new love and obsession unfurling, Charlee began training to become international competitor and thus began overtaking the competition circuit seemingly overnight. She prides herself on creating never-before-seen moves that push the limits of flexibility and strength.

Charlee is proud to be sponsored by PoleFit by Bad Kitty, X-Pole USA, Dew Point Pole and Pole Fitness Nutrition. She is a certified pole fitness instructor accredited through Pole Fitness Association. Charlee also loves teaching pole, aerial hammock, and contortion. When she’s not teaching at the pole and aerial studio where she lives in Utah, she travels the world conducting workshops.  


Charlee's Picks

Favorite Quote?

Get dat corn outta my face!! (nacho libre)

Q. Which Super Power would you like to have?

      A. All of them!!! I'd be the greatest super hero that's ever lived!

Q. Is it wrong for a vegitarian to eat animal crackers?

     A. Not if the crackers are in their soup!

Q. If you could be an animal what would you be?

     A. I wanna go base jumping in a squirrel suit! It's the closest thing to actually flying (which I wish I could do!)