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Hometown: Paris, France


  • ★ Champion of France (Paris, France) 2013
  • ★ 3rd place in the European Championships (Prague, Czech Republic) 2013
  • ★ Elected Brand Ambassador (sponsored athlete) by Bad Kitty
  • ★ 1st runner Up at french Championship (Paris) 2012
  • ★ "Spin Champion" At the Bad Kitty Spin & Trick Battle 2012
  • ★ Winner of the Hustler Club Pole And Strip Contest 2012
  • ★ T2nd runner Up at the European Championship (Amsterdam) 2011
  • ★ Winner of the international competition on the Tv Show Sabado Gigante (Miami) 2011
  • ★ 1st runner Up at the International Pole fitness Battle (Montréal) 2011
  • ★ Semi-finaliste at the World Pole Sport Championship (Budapest) 2011
  • ★ 2nd runner at the French Championship (Paris) 2010
  • ★ 2nd runner up at Pole art (Stockholm) 2010
  • ★ Semi-finalist at the World Pole Sport Championship (Zurich) 2010
  • ★ 1st runner up at the european Championship in professionnal categori (London) 2010



Professor pole dance, striptease, showgirl and athlete, Doris Arnold also creates a famous Parisian pole dance school of which she was at the direction for 4 years in managing a team several teachers. She is also the creator of different teaching methods, training modules and course concepts.

Classical, jazz and contemporary training, Doris Arnold was graduated with honors from the "Institut de formation professionelle de danses de sociétés". She started her professional career teaching ballroom dancing and occurring as a dancer and stripper with the biggest DJs in clubs in France and abroad.

In 2008, she discovered pole dancing and became passionate about the sport immediately. The lightning occurs when she sees the first video of Australian champions on the web. Since that day, Doris Arnold is totally committed to her passion and tries to make it discovered by the greatest number. She actively promotes pole dancing as a sport, but also and above all, as an artistic discipline in its own right. With her sexy, glamor and sensual style, she stands out from pole dancers from around the world.

Many Times qualified and titled from International competitions, she created an educational program and vocational training to prepare all students wishing to become professor of pole dance and exotic dance. Doris Arnold also obtained "X-pert" certification in June 2011 after be trained by X-Pole in the United States. She is sponsored since early 2013 by Bad Kitty, a U.S. company specializing in equipment for the pole dance and exotic dance.                                                                                       

Doris' Picks

Favorite Quote?

"Laugh and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone." - From Old Boy And "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return" - From Moulin Rouge

Q. Which Super Power would you like to have?

      A. Read in the thoughts

Q. Is it wrong for a vegitarian to eat animal crackers?

     A. Anycase for me : it's wrong to be vegetarian ! i love meat so hard i can't understand why they doing that ....

Q. What is one of the things you would put on your "bucket list"?

     A. Create a place where we could see attractive shows and sexy performances without it being a strip club