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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Do you offer Gift Cards or Certificates
  • 2. How do I become a Brand Ambassador
  • 3. Where can I take Pole Dance & Fitness Classes?
  • 4. Why are you so Awesome
  • 5. What are my international shipping options?
  • 6. What are my payment options?

FAQ Topics

  • About Bad Kitty

    1. Do you have a physical catalog?

    2. How do I become a Brand Ambassador

    3. I placed an order but did not get a confirmation email, did it go through?

  • Gift Cards

    1. Can I email a Gift Card to a friend?

    2. Do you offer Gift Cards or Certificates

    3. How do I check the balance & history on my gift card?

  • Ordering

    1. Can I fax my order?

    2. Can I phone in my order?

    3. Can I pick up my order at a store or pole studio?

  • Products

    1. Why are some items pictured in a color that is not listed as an option?

    2. Why are your products sold out?

    3. Why can't I see a size option for the product that I would like?

  • International

    1. How long will it take for my package to clear customs?

    2. What about international taxes and duties?

    3. What if I leave my package in customs?

  • Privacy & Billing

    1. What company name will appear on my credit card statement?

    2. When will my credit card be charged?

    3. When I get my order what will it look like?

  • Shipping FAQs

    1. Can I ship my order to someone at a different address?

    2. How do I track my order?

    3. How is the shipping cost determined?

  • Returns

    1. Can I exchange an item?

    2. Can I just mail these items back to you for a refund?

    3. How do I get a Return Authorization?