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Hometown: Victoria, Australia


  • ★ Miss Pole Dance Australia Finalist 
  • ★ 2008,2010,2011 & 2012 Miss Pole Dance Victoria 2011 - 1st Place
  • ★ Miss Pole Dance Australia 2011/12 - Sponsor's Choice 
  • ★ FitX Pole Power Championship 2012 - 2nd Place 
  • ★ Australian Pole Fitness Championship 2012 - 3rd Place
  • ★ Australian pole capital championship Finalist 2012
  • ★ International pole dance maters cup finalist 2012
  • ★ VPC & APC Finalist 2013
  • ★ MPDV finalist 2013 (4th place)
  • ★ All stars finialist 2014 & 2015


Lou has been dancing for over 26 years in various different dance styles, but it’s been since 2006 when she found her love for pole dancing. From starting as a very beginner Lou now teaching, competes, performs and judges all over the world. Lou has a passion for dance that she wishes to pass on as many people as possible. Her personality shows through in her classes and up on stage, her style is unique and versatile.  She dedicated every day of her life to Pole & running her own business

Lou Has been a dedicated and passionate instructor now for the last 7 years now with Pole Divas in Melbourne Australia, she started here as a student her self in 2006 and has grow with the company and the pole community.

She has published her Pole Goals Diary and Journal for the last two years to help encourage and inspire pole people around the world and many other great pole products and merchandise.

Over the last 5 years Lou has been travelling the world teaching pole including … Pole Convention in LA, Miami, DC. Pole Expo in Vegas. Australian summer pole camps in Queensland , West Australian pole camp, East Coast Pole cruise in the South Pacific, The Australian Pole Festival in Queensland and has visited many studios around the USA and Australian and will continue to travel to new places. Lou has Judged pole competitions in Canada and Australia. BC Pole Fitness Championships in Canada, Victorian Pole Championships.

Current Brand Ambassadorships & Company Affiliations 

- BadKitty USA PoleFit

- Pole Physics

- X Pole Australia

- Pole Divas

- Pole Fitness World 

- OnePiece Norway


Lou's Picks

Favorite Quote?

"Do what you love and love what you do" ... I do live by this

Q. Which Super Power would you like to have?

      A. Gosh if I could only choose 1 or if I could be a crazy combination of all the xmen and the avengers, this is a tough one because who wouldn't want to be strong or freeze time, shape shift or control the weather etc but i guess if I had to choose one it would be to have the power of teleportation. It would be amazing to be able to go anywhere in the world at anytime and it only take a few seconds lol :)

Q. Is it wrong for a vegitarian to eat animal crackers?

     A. Well it really all depends on the perspective of the one eating them. However ... If someone bakes a batch of cookies shaped like a gingerbred man ... does that imply that the baker condones cannibalism? Although I can also see how someone who was extremely sensitive about their feelings about eating meat could find it very hard to bite the head off of a cookie shaped like a cow or a lion, and would prefer non-themed cookies.Likewise with things like chocolate Easter bunnies. But each to their own I don't think it's wrong but like I said it really comes down the one eating them.

Q. What is one of the things you would put on your "bucket list"?

     A. Wow I'm really stumped as to which one to write as I'm sure we all have huge lists. I'm not sure if making a significant difference in somebody else's life for the better can be one, but it is defiantly on my list. I think it can be much more rewarding sharing a tick off that list with somebody you love and care about. Making a difference is not only on my list but a life time goal. It's not all about going sky driving or going to Disneyland Which I know all is great fun things but doing things that fulfill your happiness and the happiness of others around. Another one of my own personal favorite quotes is "live life, love life and pole dance" to live your life and to love your life is the best tick off your list you can ever do.