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Hometown: Cupertino, CA.


  • ★ 2013 IPC PoleFit Doubles Champions (with Nadia Sharif)
  • USPDF Amateur Champion 2010
  • Pole Vixen LA
  • East Meets West Bi Poler Champion (with Nadia Sharif)
  • Intl. Pole Masters Cup - Doubles Champion (with Nadia Sharif)


Mina Mechanic has been pole dancing since 2008 and brings her background in contemporary dance and gymnastics into her pole fitness practice. She is a big proponent of cross training in other disciplines including aerial silks, hoop, yoga, and acro. Mina has competed in 7 solo competitions and 3 with her doubles partner Nadia Sharif. In addition to performing around the world, Mina's pole dance resume includes Enrique Iglesias's "Dirty Dancer" music video and Diplo's music video "Set it Off." Mina teaches at Jagged Vertical Dance and Fitness in Los Angeles. She is proud to be a Bad Kitty® Brand Director and co-creator of the PoleFit® line.

Mina's Picks

Favorite Movie Quote?

"You totally want to have like 10,000 of his babies"
(American Beauty)

Q. Which Super Power would you like to have?

      A. Freezing time…I need more time!

Q. Is it wrong for a vegitarian to eat animal crackers?

     A. Never wrong for anyone to eat animal crackers…

Q. What is one of the things you would put on your "Bucket List"?

     A. Traveling the world