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Hometown: El Monte, CA


  • ★ 2013 IPC PoleFit Doubles Champions (with Mina Mortezaie)
  •  National Aerial Pole Art 2012 Champion
  •  International Pole Masters Cup 2012 Champion with Mina Mortezaie
  •  California Pole Dance Champion 2012
  •  Bi-Polar Champion 2010 w/ partner Mina Mortezaie
  • ★ USPDF Pro
  •  Official X-Pole Girl
  •  Girl Next Door Principal Dancer
  •  Featured in Diplo's "Set It Off" Music Video
  •  USPDF 2011 2nd Place Nationals
  •  Runner Up California Pole Dance Championships 2010 & 2011
  •  CPDC 2010 - Most Athletic
  •  CPDC 2011 - Most Entertaining, Most Artistic
  •  CPDC 2012 - Most Entertaining, Most Athletic


Nadia began pole dancing in 2007 after watching Felix Cane on YouTube. She was so inspired by her beauty that she installed a home made pole into her bed room and began teaching herself pole tricks from watching videos and through experimentation. She quickly threw herself into pole by taking a job as a dancer at Jumbo's Clown Room in Hollywood, CA. By 2008, she entered her first pole competition and has been competing ever since. Nadia is now an international instructor, performer, and competitor. She is very honored to have made such an impact on the pole community and will continue to share her skills and knowledge with the world.

Nadia's Picks

Favorite Movie Quote?

"Self taught, no lessons, thank you very much, POP" - Crazy Uncle in the Wedding Singer

Q. Which Super Power would you like to have?

      A. I wish I had the power to communicate with animals so that I could help them when they are injured, sick, scared or uncomfortable


Q. Is it wrong for a vegitarian to eat animal crackers?

     A. hahahaha... No way!! Only animal crackers shaped as tofu nuggets!


Q. What is one of the things you would put on your "Bucket List"?

     A. Skydiving, feed and teach the less fortunate children in the world and engineering a robot that makes and serves margaritas!