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10 is the new 6 inch – How to Rock 10 Inch Monster Heels

By on August 9, 2017

There’s no denying that the pole dance market has seen a climb in heel height in recent years. The increasing popularity of exotic dance style in pole lends well to the need for tall-ass sexy platform heels…and we love it! However, these extreme platform spike heels are not exactly a piece of cake when it comes to dancing, so we consulted with some monster heel masters to get some tips.

Non-poler’s and outsiders often ask, “why the heels?” While dancing barefoot is also just as popular and has it’s benefits, there is an inherit cultural experience that comes with pole dancing and heels. Not only do the heels make you feel sexy and elongate the leg lines, but they also ad an element of risk and excitement. Once you nail a trick barefoot, to up the ante you can then try the trick with heels on. And let’s be honest, heels are just fun! Why do rappers often wear gold chains and grills? It’s just part of the sub-culture. It may not be for everyone, but for many it’s an addiction. An addiction that keeps on growing (literally).

Nadia Sharif

Like many out there, my first pole dancing heels were 6 inchers. It wasn’t long before I tried a 7 incher and decided I liked the feel better. I felt a big difference between 6 inch and 7 inch heels. I’m thinking it’s the platform shape. I can’t remember how much time passed before I tried a 7 and 3/4 inch or an 8 inch, but I enjoyed them all. The only real difference I felt was a little more weight in the 8 inchers. I started to love that feeling of weight in my feet because I could throw, swing and whip using that weight. It actually wasn’t until I saw Tiff Finney’s shoe closet at the her studio, Pole Physique in Glasgow, Scotland that I even realize 10 inchers existed. I would have stolen hers if they were my size.
Since then I’ve performed around 8 pieces in 10 inchers and play in them all the time. I enjoy doing handstands and some contortions inspired poses in them because the platform gives me a little extra edge. The extra weight and height add a crazy aesthetic and they change the mechanics a bit. I find getting into handstands is easier with them on! Now falling is a whole other story so here’s some tips!

10″ Tips from Nadia:

– Keep your balance forward and step lightly
– If you stumble, try what I call the “stripper skip”. It’s a tiny “step together step” that can help recover from a wobble fest.
– If you are going to perform in them, practice in them. There is no shoe that can feel like a monster heel except for monster heels.
– Never get cocky about your monster heel ability, at any moment you CAN fall, and if you feel like it’s happening, just roll with it or split drop. It’s the safest way to go.
– I always go for a tight fit for monster heels. It’s not always the most comfortable but it’s the most secure.

Nadia’s Favorite Monster Heels:


Lou Landers

Heels are definitely an addiction for me. I started off in the high heel runners which back in 2006 were the coolest thing ever haha! They were no more than maybe a 4 inch heel. It’s been progressive over the years , 5’s to 6’s then all of a sudden 7’s and 8’s for a while ….. then the 9’s happened and that was it – I was in love! It took about 8 months to get the courage to order the 10 inches platforms and now I don’t even look back and I couldn’t imagine poling without them.

I bounce between the 9’s and 10’s all the time now for training and shows.
For training I really love how much it works my active straddle and makes my legs stronger and more flexible. When you first put them on it’s is like baby Bambie trying to walk for the 1st time! But after practicing your walk it becomes easier. I do recommend starting with boots as they are very secure on your ankles.

Lou’s Favorite Monster Heels:

My favorite thing to train for in these boots is floorwork, handstand/walkovers and cartwheels. As scary as that sounds it really makes me work harder to control my entries and exits.
Handstand training in these is great as I find the weight of the shoes gives me a better splits haha! Oh, and how can I forget? Just having long legs in general is amazing – I’m only 5feet tall (152cm )so I really love the feeling of being tall and having long legs and nice leg lines.

I do so much floor work so I do love having the closed toe but I’m ok with open toe Pleasers too.
I would not recommend going from a 6,7 or even 8 inch straight to a 10 inch. I went up inch by inch and stayed training at each height for a while. Then the jump doesn’t feel as scary.
Training dead lifts and handsprings are definitely a challenge but I love it.
Remember to always be careful as this shoes actually come with a warning label for a reason. I do feel that the 20 years of ballet did help strengthen my ankle in preparation for the 10 inches!
Stay safe and happy 10inch poling!
Pleaser Shoes Warning Label - Extreme Height

Tiff Finney

My name is Tiff and I have a love affair with ten inches. Heels, I mean.
I think I was the first pole dancer to be crazy enough to search for them and ignore the “warning, not for walking in” sign that comes with each pair . I promptly used them for pole training. I even competed in them at Pole-A-Palooza & Pole Theatre UK Pro 2014. The competitors thought I was a total nutter when I pulled my personalized sky scrapers from my bag. Which isn’t far from the truth.
8 inches was fun but I wanted to find a higher, more challenging shoes after being inspired by online art exhibitions of these crazy, magnificent heels. After snatching my 10″ pair of Pleasers, I lived in them. I taught 3 classes a day in them and trained in them constantly. I now own 6 pairs of 9-10 inchers.
The truth is, they’re not that scary!

Tiff’s 10 Inch Tips:

– Practice on the floor first. Use this time to squeeze/point your ankles as this is essential for being in control of these heavy heels.
– Lying on your back with your legs straddled, start to roll your ankles. Do this every time. Not only does this look really cool and help to stretch you out even further but it also strengthens the muscles around your ankles. This allows you to be more in control when you start to walk in them.
– The most difficult thing is walking because the surface area of the sole is so small. Hold the pole the whole time and engage your lats to lift your body weight up from the ground. You don’t want to sink your body weight onto such a tiny surface area else it’s hello gravity via an earth shattering fall.
– Don’t be afraid of the height. The instep is pretty flat so they are comfortable to wear.
The weight of the heel gets you fit, the small surface area will increase your body awareness, and you can create more dynamic leg kicks with higher heels. You can also explore lots of new pole/foot work that you couldn’t with smaller heels.

Tiff’s Fav 10 inchers:

Clear patent as they have a nice thick ankle strap for stability. You can get crafty and customize the clear platform.

Now go get some of these wondrous heels of your own. Shop Meow
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