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An Interview With Bad Kitty® Brand Director Estee Zakar

By on May 12, 2016


Estee Zakar ‘s roots in pole dance go all the way back to the early years in Los Angeles when the pioneers of pole dance were building their dreams. She took her first pole class at Leigh Ann Reilly’s BeSpun pole studio and not long after became an instructor at BeSpun. She was encouraged to compete after a chance meeting with representatives of X-Pole. Not long after that she found herself competing in the 2010 United States Pole Dance Federation Championship with fellow BeSpun instructor Alethea Austin and BK Brand Ambassador Karol Helms.

BK: How did you get into pole dancing?

EZ: I was dared to take a pole dance class with my best friends. I quickly fell in love with all that pole offered. Pole challenged my strength, creative movement, and  flexibility.

BK: How would you describe your pole style?

EZ: My pole style is strength based with grace. The moves I choose are usually power moves or flip type moves. I especially like power moves when they incorporate splits and active flexibility.


BK: Do you compete or perform? Where and when?

EZ: I competed in USPDF and placed 2nd as Miss Trixter in 2010. I placed 1st in Pole Position Fitness competition in 2009. I was also honored to be the first X-Pole USA pole fitness model. I now travel the world teaching workshops, judging competitions, performing and representing Pole fitness brands.


BK: Do you have another job? Or is pole your full time gig?  Tell us a bit about what you do.

EZ: Pole is now my full time job. I received my Master’s Degree in Social Work, but found that pole was more exciting and rewarding. I now teach locally at Tease Studio in Denver, Colorado, I also teach privates and small groups in my home studio and travel to teach when I can!

BK: How long have you been a BK Brand Ambassador? What is your favorite part of being a BK Brand Ambassador?

EZ: I am a Brand Director as well as a brand ambassador! I helped Bad Kitty® in creating their very first Pole apparel line. My favorite part of being a Brand Director is being able to show off all the amazing new products on stage at Pole Expos and conventions.

BK: Favorite BK clothing?


EZ: Black Brazil shorts. Can’t live without them. I wear them often as well as under all of my costumes for extra coverage. I love that I can trust that BK apparel will keep me covered and is reliable.

BK: Heels or no heels?


Photo by Gmark Art of Estee Zakar

EZ: Both. I love wearing heels in photo shoots or when free dancing, but due to the nature of the tricks I choose, many of the moves are Chinese pole flips and holds,  so heels are not always preferable.

BK: What do you love about the pole community? What do you think we could improve on?

EZ: I love so many things about the pole community. I love that we can created such a HC_E45NB1oUjkUBmFk1fZbjUD5hgH3PZayCwX63f6AA,Hos4HUaEhiuFuqjzBUsMyD6vvSgZ9mkZEHROOh1N5IIsupportive, empowering, encouraging community. Even in competitions, when we are competing with each other, we still try push each other to do the best job we can. I love that every individual is able to compliment pole with his or her own style and creativity. I love that we are now respected by so many different communities… such as fitness, dance, gymnastics, circus and many others.

BK: Where do you see pole going in the next 5 years?

EZ: I see pole and our community growing even bigger and stronger. I see more pole shows, big events including pole, more gyms/studios incorporating pole into their curriculum, concerts with pole performers and more people finding their physical/mental health through dance therapy.

BK: Any words of advice for polers out there?
Estee Zakar: Advice for polers is to be free to dance how it feels good. Don’t be afraid to test yourself, to discover different movement and always continue to challenge yourself.

To find out more about BK Brand director Estee Zakar check out her page here!

Bob Zamora

Bob Zamora

Bob works full time as a research meteorologist.During his thirty-seven year career he has published his work in several scientific research journals, and participated in weather research experiments all over the United States.He started pole dancing in 2009. Bob has performed in a number of Denver area pole shows and the 2013 Great Midwest Pole Dance Championship. He was a Masters Division finalist in 2013 Colorado Pole Championship.Bob is a student of USPDF 2010 Silver Medalist Estee Zakar. Bob’s pole style is inspired by sexy, artistic pole dancers, and contemporary ballet dancers. In addition to pole dance, Bob also takes ballet classes, and plays ice hockey with his beer league friends.He lives in Westminster, Colorado with his wife Carol.
Bob Zamora

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