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Back To Basics

By on May 1, 2017

Photo by George Grigorian

Over the past few months I’ve really been trying to get back to a comfortable and happy place in my pole practice. It’s been hard. Because I’ve taken such a long time off I realize that I’ve lost a lot of the strength and basic moves that used to come naturally to me.

It can be difficult to be at a point in your practice where, for whatever reason, you had to take a break. Maybe you had an injury, or life just got in the way and you now find yourself in a place of unfamiliarity or frustration. Things that used to be easy aren’t. Moves you used to nail without batting an eyelash seem to take extreme effort.

But I really want to push past all of that so I’ve decided to recommit to my pole practice. I’m actually excited about it but I realize to achieve any improvement I might need to head Back To Basics.

So what does that actually mean and how do you stay motivated without becoming discouraged?

First off going back to basics doesn’t have to mean starting all over again from the beginning. I like to think of it as revisiting the foundations of pole dancing and perfecting them. Here are a few ideas to help stay challenged and motivated while working on building our strength back up for all the flaming-double-backed-twisty-things…

  • Try spending time perfecting our toe points, our pirouettes, that sexy floor work we used to love.
  • Don’t look at basics as a negative. Think of this time as allowing us to really work the little things without the stress or demands of nailing the big things.
  • We all have our instructors we love but branch out. Sometimes other instructors who don’t know us as well can see things others don’t.
  • Embrace making the moves we can do, whether it’s a fireman or fongi, our own. Literally put our own “spin” on them, a hair toss, a flexed foot, a well placed heel clack – create a moment and a movement that is uniquely ours.
  • Work on our musicality, try going back to one of your favorite songs or if you’re in a rut embrace some new music.
  • Play with outfits, mix it up by wearing something you wouldn’t normally wear.
  • Cross train in other disciplines. Working our bodies differently will help speed up the process.
  • Visit a beginner class even if you aren’t a beginner. Can you do everything perfectly on your left side? I can’t.
  • Enjoy the movement like you did when you first started.

Most importantly realize that everyone we admire started at the very same place: with the basics. Without the “basics” we would never progress. Revisiting and perfecting our basics sets the foundation for our growth, which allows for more exploration in our dance.

For me going back to basics is as simple as letting go of my ego and the notion of where I “should” be. Remembering and recapturing the adrenaline rush I had when I first started dancing and learning to embrace the idea that my jouney is as much about the road traveled as the end goal.

Have you gone back to basics and if so, what has it meant to you?

-Love & Glitter,


Veruca Blue
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