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Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassador Sarah Scott

By on July 24, 2017

Photo by The Image Cella

Each month, Bad Kitty® highlights one of our amazingly talented Brand Ambassadors on our blog. The goal is to get our readers familiar with some of the personalities behind our clothes and to give our Brand Ambassadors a little BK Love. This month we travel to England to chat with a beautiful powerhouse named Sarah Scott. Read on to find out more about the stunning Sarah!

BK: How did you get into pole dancing? And when?

SS: My friend asked me to go to a class with her and I got hooked! I bought a pole, trained like crazy, re-qualified as a fitness instructor and opened a studio. It had a slight impact on my life you could say…I love that pole can look effortless at the same time as being strong – I guess I’m drawn more towards that style. I’m not sure it has a name!

Photo by Simon Hooley from The Image Cella

BK: Do you compete or perform? Where and when?

SS: I’ve have competed in the UK and Internationally, I won Miss Pole Dance UK in 2012 and Pole Theatre UK Drama in 2015 but haven’t got plans to compete this year as I’ve been honored to have been asked to judge and guest perform at various competitions for the past few years.

BK: Do you have another job? Or is pole your full time gig? Tell us a bit about what you do! What about your Off the Pole Training workshop? How did that come about? Where do you teach?

SS: I’m so grateful to say pole is my full time job. I currently teach at the weekends around the UK and abroad with my workshops and XPERT Pole and Aerial Fitness. During the week I split my time between private lessons, my merchandise and my Website and Facebook group Off The Pole. Off The Pole started when I kept seeing similar questions and issues arise from students and instructors. We want to spend as much time as possible on the pole – but that’s not always an option and sometimes we need to balance out all the work we do on the pole so we can have longevity doing what we all love. I wanted to be able to bring together pole-specific exercises people could do at home or at the gym.

Photo by The Image Cella

BK: How long have you been a BK Brand Ambassador? What is your favorite part of being a BK Brand Ambassador?

SS: I’ve been a BK Ambassador since 2014. I love that it’s a family feel to the company. They’ve always made everyone feel so welcome and being in such an insane line up of dancers that I respect and admire still doesn’t feel like it should be real sometimes!

BK: Favorite BK clothing?

SS: The classic Brazil shorts – I can never have enough pairs.

Photo by Phil Darko Dear

BK: Heels or no heels?

SS: I’d say I’m 50/50 in my training but I teach predominantly without (although I do get to teach one of my workshops in heels now) Although I love to dance in heels, I can definitely see the difference between myself and someone who does it 100%!

BK: What do you love about the pole community? What do you think we could improve on?

SS: I love the common ground we all have. How even through so many different backgrounds and nationalities we can meet each other for the first time and it feel like we’ve known each other for years. Whether pole itself changes us or if it’s a certain personality that is attracted to pole dancing –pole dancers are a special breed <3

BK: Where do you see pole going in the next 5 years?

SS: I hope to see pole dancing develop in a healthy and positive way without injuries and pain being so commonplace. The industry has seen a crazy leap in what people are doing; there is a lot of pressure for people to ‘keep up’. If we can keep the drive of creativity but give our bodies some time to catch up and recover then I think we’ll have the best of both worlds.

BK: Words of advice for Polers out there?

SS: Enjoy the process and look long term. If you want to pole for years to come, invest some time in to making sure that can happen now, rather than waiting until an injury stops your progress.

A big thank you to Sarah Scott for sharing her talents and thoughts with us! To learn more about Sarah Scott and Off the Pole please check out her website.

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