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Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassador Sergia Louise Anderson

By on May 31, 2017

Every month, Bad Kitty® highlights one of our amazingly talented Brand Ambassadors on our blog. The goal is to get our readers familiar with some of the personalities behind our clothes and to give our Brand Ambassadors a little BK Love. This month we met with the beautiful and multi-talented Sergia Louise Anderson in Los Angeles. Read on to find out more about what Sergia is up to!

BK:  How did you get into pole dancing? You were a professional dancer, correct?

SLA: Yes, I danced and choreographed for jazz/modern/contemporary companies, and danced commercially in jazz, ballet, hip hop, salsa, latin dance, and contemporary.  I also competed in the World Salsa Championships, and danced and performed in shows in New York and all over the world. I grew up dancing. My poor mother has promised me she will never attend another Nutcracker in her life.  Movement has always been my first language. Words have never quite come as easily lol!

I did not find pole until I was 28 years old and living in Los Angeles.  I was hosting a TV show that featured different businesses, and our assignment that day was to cover a pole studio, interview the owner of the studio, and for me to take a class on camera.  I fell in love with it!  That first back hook spin changed my life.  I was so inspired and in awe of the movements that the instructors at the studio were doing, I knew I had to buy a pole right away to immerse myself in this form of play!

BK: How would you describe your pole style? Do you incorporate any other dance styles into your movement?

SLA: Oh man, this is a hard one.  My style fluctuates with the day, the hour, the music.  I feel like I embody many styles. I don’t judge or classify what movement is coming out of me that day, I just try to enjoy and luxuriate in where my body wants to play that day.  When it comes to performances, every performance, every character is different.  Every piece you create is a different journey.  The process of discovering how to do that character justice and give him or her a voice, an existence with vulnerabilities and strengths, a dilemma to solve, a mountain to climb, a journey to experience is one of the reasons I love to perform.  Actually performing and sharing the piece with an audience in the end is just an added bonus.  The process of giving the character life, really creating their surroundings and finding out who they are is really the gift of performing.

BK: Do you compete or perform? Where and when?

SLA: My last competition was the US Pole Championship in 2013.  Some may remember it as “the clown piece”.  I loved my time competing.  Preparing for a competition, and creating the pieces we wanted to bring to life and sharing them was a lot of my quality time with my bestie Mary Kolacinski.  Mary had been in the pole competition circuit for a while before I met her, and when we started pole jamming and playing together, it was like magic.  We started co-choreographing, and collaborating on projects immediately.  I have such incredibly fond memories of how in the zone we got, how we coached each other through competitions, how much we shared a passion for creating things.  We were creating so much content together and had so much excitement to create more and more that we took some of that energy and focused it towards competition for a while.  During that time, one of the only ways to perform pole was to compete in pole, so we took to the stage!

BK:  Do you have another job? Or is pole your full time gig? Tell us a bit about what you do! What is it like being a studio owner?

SLA: Pole, dance, and teaching are my full time gigs!  I have always made my living as a dancer, choreographer, performer, actor, and teacher, but I never imagined that my career would end up being dominated by pole!  I have been on the road giving workshops around the world since 2012/2013.  I founded The Vertitude Los Angeles in 2011, and owned it through 2016.  Being a studio owner while also managing a touring life on the road was the biggest challenge of my life!  I have now opened The Vertitude Santa Rosa in my hometown in Northern California. I also create online pole and dance tutorials for, I run the Pole in the Wine Country Retreat, and continue to tour and teach.

BK: How long have you been a BK Brand Ambassador? What is your favorite part of being a BK Brand Ambassador?

SLA: I have been lucky to be a BK Brand Ambassador for a few years now!  My favorite part is the BK family and all the support and encouragement we have within that community.  Don’t get me wrong the swag is phenomenal as you can imagine 😉 .  I have so much admiration for my fellow ambassadors and for how hard the BK team works.

BK: Favorite BK clothing?

SLA: My favorites at the moment are the wrap-around top, the starburst top, and the bondage top.  I’m also loving the new Bad Kitty® Street you can wear for lounging, dancing, or for pole wear cover-ups

BK: Heels or no heels?

SLA: Both!

BK: What do you love about the pole community? What do you think we could improve on?

SLA: The pole community has my heart.  I love to see the celebration of diversity in our art and sport.  I love to see the support I see pole dancers of all styles, shapes, colors provide for each other.  There is enough room for all of us in this community.  I would like to continue to see tolerance, kindness, support, and celebration of pole’s many faces.

BK: Where do you see pole going in the next 5 years?

SLA: To the moon!  Kidding but not kidding!  There are no limits to where pole can go, I am constantly in awe and in love with how far reaching our community is, how people are using the apparatus and different ways to play and create with it.

BK: Words of advice for Polers out there?

SLA: Find the joy.  Find the joy in your practice.  Pole is not an end goal.  Enjoy and celebrate what gifts unfold while you are on your journey.  Ground yourself in a community that nourishes you.  Give to that community, and also let that community lift you up!  Find the gratitude in what your body allows and remember to speak and treat it nicely, it is your skin bag for this lifetime and deserves to be celebrated and spoken to nicely.  Pole is play!  Gyrate on sisters and brothers!!

You can follow Sergia Louise on Instagram at @sergialouise and on Facebook.

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