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Danielle Christine

Danielle Christine

Danielle Christine

Why do you Pole ?
The satisfaction of seeing my progress, week to week, month to month, is greater in pole than it has been in any other endeavor.

Fill in the blanks below: "I only eat _______ when I am ________"
sugar / awake

Fill in the blank below: "Bad Kitty is _______" (adjective)
bad ass

Favorite quote
"There are a lot of good reasons for not doing something, but fear isn’t one of them." -Cher


Actress, writer, consumer of too much sugar, cat mom, dog auntie, amateur foodie, local explorer. Pole dance and aerial hoop enthusiast. Co-creator/owner of Poleitical Clothing and generally creative individual. Saucy, mouthy, opinionated, gooey little gumdrop who likes to hang upside down.

Integrity is very important to me. Don't be a douchebag.