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Ermelinda Maglione

Ermelinda Maglione

Ermelinda Maglione

What is your favorite book ?
Wow this is a difficult question because I like so many! I would say that I like mostly science fiction and fantasy novels 🙂

Why do you Pole ?
In a very mysterious way I feel that it completes me. I used to be a ballet dancer, I practiced for 13 years and since then I quit I always felt that something was missing until I met pole dance. To me it’s an art form, a way to dance again, to have fun, to feel the music and use your body in a way people normally don’t.

Fill in the blanks below: "I only eat _______ when I am ________"
I only eat ice cream when i am at Grandma’s

Fill in the blank below: "Bad Kitty is _______" (adjective)

Favorite quote
"If you don’t work for your dreams you will find yourself working for someone else’s." ~Steve Jobs


I’m a Venezuelan journalist, I have a Master degree on Digital Journalism and I love to write online, design and pole. I’m CEO of Conversemos en Digital (Let’s talk in digital) a company I founded in January, 2015, where we offer web design services, as well as social media management and we have several projects of our own, like Pole Dance Venezuela, Pole Dance Panama, Web Pole Championship, and many others.

I love to do sports. Currently I run, ride my bicycle, do yoga, ballet and pole dance (which I also teach since I’m a certified instructor since 2013). I have also practiced swimming, karate, belly dancing, lyra and ice skating. I just can’t seem to stay still!