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Lisa Faulkner

Lisa Faulkner

Lisa Faulkner

What is your favorite book ?

Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd

Why do you Pole ?

I started pole dancing to feel sexy and unleash my inner siren. I continue pole dancing to feel free, be radiant and play.

Fill in the blanks below: “I only eat _______ when I am ________”

I only eat nutritarian when I am not PMSing (then I need bittersweet chocolate).

Fill in the blank below: “Bad Kitty is _______” (adjective)

Is super supportive of pole as a lifestyle!

Favorite quote

…tears change people, remind them of what is important, and save their very souls. Only a hardness of heart inhibits weeping and union. There is a saying, a prayer, really, among Sufis, asking God to break one’s heart: “Shatter my heart so a new room can be created for a Limitless Love.” ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés in Women Who Run With the Wolves


Lisa has longed to live in world filled with vibrant individuals since writing her first research paper on biofeedback in junior high school. She spent 20 years in academia researching and teaching public health and holds a PhD from UC Berkeley. It wasn’t until discovering sensual dance that she found the secret to radiance. Now she’s creating a world where dance, play and passion help women shine by founding the Siren Institute—an educational and research center that honors and celebrates traditionally undervalued feminine characteristics such as emotion, beingness and intuition. But secretly, it’s all about sensuality. Because when women feel sexy they radiate enough power to heal and transform the world. When she’s not educating, you can find her skipping through waves, making sand angels, dancing in her dining room, or sipping bubbly with her husband.Visit Lisa at