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Bad Kitty Summer Pole Fashion

By on July 7, 2018

Summer’s officially here! Whether this is your favorite season, or your plan is to hide inside until it’s fall again (I see you, my beautiful vampires!) Bad Kitty’s got all your hot pole wear needs covered! The whole website is worth clicking around on, but I went ahead and got you started by highlighting a few of my favorite summer pieces. Of course they’re designed for the pole studio, but in the summer you can get away with being more playful in your “street wear” choices. Some of these would be perfect for a pool party, beach day, or back yard BBQ if you’re feeling it. It’s your summer wardrobe, you decide! Ok, let’s get started on our shopping trip together. First stop:

I simply flipped for this whimsical Fin Skort, but it’s just the tip of the flipper! Go explore BK’s Mermaid Bay collection and see all the other pieces for yourself. From sea-shell bras to full on mermaid tale gowns, with this collection you’ll be ready to start your summer under the sea!

Going to a music festival, rave, or concert this summer? Need your snaps and IG to be on point? Might I direct you over the BK’s Firefly Sanctuary, home to all things flower crown, fringe, and glow in the dark. This piece is actually called, “Light Up Sequin Star Mesh Top” – That’s sparkle, shine, glow, and showing some sexy skin all in one eye catching piece. But don’t stop at the top, there’s light up bottoms and rompers waiting for you too.

To say that unicorns are having a “moment” in pop culture would be a grave understatement. They are everywhere! And can you blame us for loving them? Unicorns are delightful! BK’s Unicorn Land collection is an unapologetic celebration of the world’s favorite mythical creature. This Sparkle Rainbow Unicorn Dress is the perfect, bold, summer statement piece. Throw it in your pole bag and know that no matter where you put it on, you’ll bring the playfully joyous side of the whole party.

Whether you’ve been a long time defender of the fanny pack, or have just recently come to your senses, you can now sport your BK pride with summer’s hottest trend. No, seriously, just ask Harper’s Bazaar: Fanny packs are cool now. If Rihanna and Bella Hadid and wear one, so can you. Allow your arms to swing freely, your shoulders to be unburdened, and yours hands to be functional again, by wrapping your BK fanny pack around your waist and heading off for adventure: hiking, site seeing, sailing… or like the celebs, simply seeing and being seen.

For me, this is the perfect summer shoe. Rose gold is flirty, warm, and versatile. On the pole or at a party, it’s eye catching with out being upstaging. With these you get the sexiness of a high heel and the breathability/comfort of a sandal. And, yes, for my queens of the night, they also come in black.

Like I said, this is just the beginning but hopefully enough to peak your curiosity. Hop on over to BK’s fashion and have a click around. These are my top picks for summer, but more importantly – What are yours?




Katie Johnson

is a Los Angeles based Fine Art Model, Actress, Writer -- and most importantly - Pole Fitness Devotee. She's been called everything from “magic” and “fearless” to “dependable, bendable” and even “the balliest f***ing model I’ve ever worked with!”

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