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Niva Jean

Niva Jean
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What is your favorite book ?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Actually all of the the Harry Potter books!

Why do you Pole ?

Everything is better upside down!

Seriously though, since I started, I now think about pole about 90% of the time. I’m happiest when I’m dancing, it’s the only time I can truly just switch off and be in the moment with myself.

I couldn’t live without pole!

Fill in the blanks below: “I only eat _______ when I am ________”

footy dogs, at the footy

Fill in the blank below: “Bad Kitty is _______” (adjective)


Favorite quote

“Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco!”


Hi, I’m Niva Jean. I’m the Brand Manager of a cosmetics company in Melbourne, Australia. When I’m not busy with my day job, I’m a bona fide polejunkie, fashion fiend & food lover!

I believe that fitness and fashion go hand in hand. To me, being fit means that you will be more confident in the way you look and, therefore, have more confidence in yourself.

I’ve never been a fan of any sport or form of physical activity. (In fact, at school, I was the one who always had a note to get out of PE!) Pole is the first physical activity I’ve tried that I didn’t hate and actually enjoyed. I now love everything about it, from learning new tricks and learning how to dance to making new friends and the never ending support from my teachers and peers.

When I was in grade 3 I did jazz ballet for about a year and a half and was the first one in my class to get my middle splits. I’ve since lost them but am now on a never ending (so it seems) quest to find them again. I love stretching and I love the journey that pole is taking me on. I also love all the pole clothes that I own (which is way too many and yet, not enough).

I’m obsessed with all things pole, I would pole dance all day, every day if I could!

I feel so honoured and lucky to be named as an official Bad Kitty Blogger. My two passions have finally come together in the perfect union – fashion and pole!

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