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How It Feels to Be a Pole Newbie

By on January 24, 2017

Ellen Miller at Longview, TX. Photograph by Angela Duncan from Angela Duncan Photography

What do you remember about your first pole class? It’s usually hard to forget your first spin around the pole. Most of us have gone through the awkward anticipation of our first brush with the pole. Perhaps it was after agreeing to accompany our friends because hey, it might actually be fun. Or maybe it was just after booking a spot in a pole class all on our own. For the first time. If you’re an experienced poler, those times might seem very far away. However, it’s important to remember what it’s like to be new to pole. It gives us a sense of how far we’ve gone, and how much we’ve changed since that first class. And, it cn help to make us more welcoming and supportive towards the new students in class.

So what does it feel like to be a pole newbie?

It’s exciting

One of the best things that come with being a newbie is the excitement and enthusiasm that can unfortunately sometimes wear off with time. Pole newbies have that spark and see the pole world with the child’s eyes. Don’t you wish you could enter the pole world again for the first time, where everything is NEW and unfamiliar?


It’s difficult to remember all the names and moves

Umm…what was the name of that move the teacher taught last time? Or 5 minutes ago? There are way too many names and moves in the pole world to memorize. Given that some tricks are known under various names matters are only made worse – even when you use the Google. On top of that, you need to remember how to get into said trick. Not easy. It looked so simple and natural while the teacher was explaining.


It’s easy to be fascinated

Welcome to the world of splits and deadlifts. When you’re new to pole, you’re fascinated by pretty much everything your teacher shows you. The pole world is inhabited by super-strong people levitating in the air, gracefully flowing from one pole to the other and doing tricks that seem downright impossible. While that never really goes away as the time goes by, you get a bit used to it.


It’s difficult to judge what’s easy and what’s not

When you’re new to pole, you usually have no clue what’s difficult and what’s not. Experienced polers make advanced moves look simple and easy. On the other hand, some tricks are beautiful, yet not as demanding as they may seem. Knowledge of the techniques required for individual tricks comes with time.


It’s scary

The pole world is a scary place, especially for adult poler newbies. Do you know anyone who confidently walked in their first pole class thinking it would be easy? Even if you’re already fit and physically active, pole dance is a different and mysterious beast. Not only does it involve climbing high poles and doing possibly dangerous head-smashing tricks, but it also forces you to leave your fears, insecurities and doubts behind. It forces you to believe in your body and yourself even when you aren’t so sure of either of those things.


It’s painful

As long as you’re pole dancing, you never stop bruising and tearing your skin. But your bruises are never as big, dark and plentiful as they are in the beginning of your pole adventure. Initially, your feelings about bruises may be a bit ambiguous. But then, a funny thing happens – you become proud of those bruises and calluses.


Photo by Leen Isabel

All pole differences aside, one thing is for sure: We have all been pole newbies once in our lives. It’s important to cherish those sweet times and remember them fondly, no matter how awkward you felt while learning your first spin. It helps us to remain humble and reminds us to reach out to the pole newbies in our studios and community.



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