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Cleaning Up Your Pole Life

By on March 20, 2017

It’s not only your house and closet that need a big spring cleaning. It’s time to look through your proverbial pole closet, tackle the clutter, and throw out everything you don’t need in your pole life. It doesn’t matter whether you are still keeping your New Year’s Resolutions (Keep up the good work!) or you forgot what was on that list by February (I did) a good spring cleaning and decluttering will make your pole journey easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

If you feel like you need a fresh start and more order in your pole life, here are 6 areas that might need an overhaul.

Your Practice Space

Videos with pole dancing fails are not funny. You need to check your pole(s) from time to time, especially if you are a studio owner. Clean up the place where you pole, dance or stretch and make it more comfortable and inspiring.

To do:

  • check your poles
  • clean your yoga mats or buy new ones (they get destroyed so easily, don’t they?)
  • wash your pole clothes and towels
  • donate any piece of equipment you don’t use (the dusty yoga bricks, the foam roller in the corner, and the dvd you watched only once)
  • if you practice in your room, move anything that takes up too much space (more space for floorwork!) or anything that might put your safety at risk


Your Attitude

It’s easy to get stuck in the web of self-deprecating and negative thoughts, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced pole dancer. Sometimes your pole journey doesn’t take you where you would like to be. It’s easy to blame yourself, other people and injuries, but it’s not very productive. Don’t compare yourself with other people and don’t forget why you started pole dancing in the first place. Veruca’s relatable article on loving yourself and your pole journey might help.


Your Technique

We hear about pointing the toes and extending your legs all the time, but there are a lot of other small details that need your attention. Polish the way you climb, invert, get up, move from one pole to the other, whip your hair and walk in heels.  How can you make your shapes prettier and the way you move more elegant? Don’t just rush from one pole trick to the other, practice until your combinations and transitions are smooth and fluent. Practice is the key to perfection.


Your Pole Goals

If you feel like your pole goals are slipping away from you, it might be the time to refocus on your New Year’s Resolutions. Paige gives us four great tips for getting back on the track and revisiting your resolutions. It’s all about figuring out what’s really important to you and finding the way to make it work. Ultimately, it’s not only about following through with your New Year’s Resolutions, but creating the pattern for achieving any pole goal all year round.


Your Closet

Pole clothes do not take up much space in your closet, so it’s easy to forget about pieces that are just not wearable anymore. However, the clothes we wear can often influence the way we feel. Your favorite pieces have endured a fair share of sweat, grip aid stains and constant beating against the pole. Since pole clothes come in contact with your skin, you don’t want any nasty germs near your intimate parts. The shoes that don’t fit anymore might lead to an ankle sprain. For the sake of safety and looking and feeling your best during the pole class, throw away your yoga pants with holes, anything you haven’t worn in more than six months, anything with stubborn stains and weird smell, and anything that doesn’t fit like second skin anymore. It’s time to freshen up your closet and buy your new favorite pole pieces.


Your Diet

And no, by diet we don’t mean any restrictive, unhealthy weight loss regime, but eating well in order to feel well. Without necessary nutrients, plenty of water and enough hours of sleep, your body will not have enough energy and strength to endure the hardcore workout of a pole class. Fuel your body with healthy food (occasional donuts allowed) and you will feel the difference!


With just a few simple changes you can revamp and clean up your pole world. Even if you aren’t looking to make any serious changes, checking in with these 6 areas from time to time can help keep all aspects of your pole life on track!

What areas do you need to spring clean in your pole life?



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