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Colorado Pole Dance Championships Recap

By on June 18, 2018

The Colorado Pole Championships took place this year on Saturday June 2nd at the Exdo event Center in Denver, CO. I had the privilege of being a part of the event and helped set up the whole event along with long time pole star and Bad Kitty® Brand Director Estee Zakar. I arrived at the center just after 9am. I watched the day go from non-stop chaos to a wild, spontaneous night and witnessed a show that was executed with complete perfection. It was an event that was filled with anticipation and excitement right up until the lights went dim and our emcee Roxy Star came on stage with her sexy presence and funny stories.

Roxy Star Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

I started pole dancing in 2009 when it was still a dirty secret to be a pole dancer. I was very proud to watch the men who went on stage because I was one of the women who fought several years ago to allow men into the studios when 99% of the pole community was anti-men. The level of pride is different when you realize that your efforts supporting men in the pole community have finally paid off. All I can say about the men is they were pure entertainment.

Now, let’s get to the entertainment portion of the night:

Men’s Division

Shane P. had a very athletic performance and very nice transitions. He was enjoying himself and enjoying being in character. If he was nervous you couldn’t tell because he just seemed cool, calm and collected throughout his entire performance.

Shane Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

John Aither had a very beautiful artistic performance. He had these incredibly long lines that reminded me of David Owen. He was very good at showing emotion and had this way of reaching out to the crowd as if he was desperate for help. John engaged the crowd and his ability move in between the poles while adding in some amazing floorwork was exceptional.

John Aither Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

Mayzer Thane…no joke, the notes I wrote about him was “Sex on a Stick.” He is certainly a crowd pleaser and he feeds off the people screaming in the audience. His stage presence reminded me of a young Steven Retchless. He dances and he moves very well both on and off the pole.

Mayzer Thane Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

I think Shane, John and Mayzer will be around a long time. Watching these men on stage was like getting a look into the future of what the men’s division can and will become. It’s fascinating to watch the artisty and creativity evolve in the men’s division. Each one of the competitors all had very different qualities, very different styles and very different talents but you can tell they really enjoyed being on the stage.

Doubles Division

I don’t even know where to begin. It takes a lot to get on stage by yourself and keep time with the music but when you have another person on stage you also have to keep time with your partner. Any doubles performer will tell you that the difficult part isn’t the performance itself, it’s keeping time with your partner. Finding the right partner and finding out if your artistic styles can fuse into one performance is the first step in the very big challenge of performing a doubles routine. There is a different emotion you feel while watching a doubles performance. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the stories these people can tell on stage. All of our doubles competitors really stretched those boundaries with their artistic display, the stories that unfolded, and the places they took us to. It was like watching a dream in real time. All of our doubles competitors not only put a lot of time into their training, they put a lot of thought into their costumes and makeup and raised the standard for stage performance. Double competitors for the Colorado Pole Championship included: Bob and Stevie, Josephine and Kate, Freudian Splits, Flaxen and Rose and Molly and Jes.

Flaxen & Rose Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

There was one particular performance that I enjoyed and that was Flaxen and Rose. Their timing was impeccable and they had a symmetry that is hard to match. I would also like mention of Molly and Jes, who have only been performing together for 1 year, but looked like they had been dancing together since they were teenagers. It was amazing to watch and know that these women have accomplished in 1 year what most people take several years to perfect.

Molly & Jess Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

Women’s Division

Competitors in the Women’s Division were: Jenna Brooks, Melanie Piek, Shay Williamson, Michelle Loewe, Debbie White, Nadia Robinson, Zoe Kantor, Harper, Suzi Pole Panda, and Amanda Grant. What I really enjoyed about watching the women perform is the combination of artistry, sexiness, story telling and athleticism in every single performance. The women who shared the stage at the Colorado Pole Championships have proven that there is plenty of room for all kinds on stage and they have found a way to fuse sporty and sexy into a story that creates a memorable performance for a captivated audience.

“You have underestimated the power of these heels.” This is the last thing you heard before a local favorite, Melanie Piek, began seducing the crowd with her 8 inch red glitter heels. She may be 45 years old but she definitely gives these younger girls a run for their money on stage. She is off the charts when it comes to strength and flexibility. She uses that flexibility to entice her crowd. Melanie gets my vote for the sexiest Grandmother I know award.

Melanie Piek Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

Jenna Brooks, “the pole beast”, came from Ogden, Utah to entertain our Colorado crowd. She didn’t disappoint. As a pole dancer, you know when you watch her perform that Jenna pushes her physical limits every day. If you ever watch Jenna perform you’ll know why she is called the pole beast. You can see her power in every transition and the way she executes her tricks. She is 100% beast.

Jenna Brooks Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

We also had the privilege of watching Michelle Loewe who came from San Diego to compete in the Colorado Pole Championships. Stunning is the only word I can come up with. She was my personal favorite on the spin pole. Michelle pushes the performance meter and sets the bar high for other female competitors. She also has a very good stage presence and awareness of where she was on the stage. We are very proud to have people like Michelle join us in Colorado.

Michelle Loewe Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

I don’t think I’m alone here but I would have to say that the show stopper of the night was Harper. She can haunt your dreams. Her music selection was on the dark side. She never fails to entertain a crowd and work the stage. What’s fun about watching Harper is that there is always a story. Every story is different. She doesn’t pigeonhole herself into anything and she doesn’t restrict her creativity. She keeps you guessing as to what she’s going to do next.

Harper Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

Guest Performances

We had four guest performances: Obscura: A Dynamic Aerial Duo, Carly and Charlee, Meri Burgess and Tara Meyer. I’d like to highlight two of those performances: Our opening act was Obscura: A Dynamic Aerial Duo. They were our swinging pole performance. There was no better way to start the night and get the crowd going. These women took sexy to a whole different level. No one in their right mind could possibly know the level of difficulty it is to perform on a swinging pole unless you’ve actually tried it. It takes a whole different level of body awareness and strength in order to successfully execute a trick on the swinging pole, much less perform an entire routine. These women were flawless in their routine and they made everything look so easy.

Obscura Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

Our closing act of the night was Tara Mayer. She came from Canada in order to judge the competition. She has 23 years of dance experience and a stage presence that most pole dancers can only dream of. She is a trained ballerina and she definitely brings her ballet talents to the stage with her long legs and pointed toes. Tara is awe inspiring and gives the men and women of the pole community inspiration. She has this way of looking at you like you’re the only person in the crowd. The way she moves draws you in and you’re completely captivated by her performance.

Tara Meyer Photo by @NinaReedPhoto

Every single individual who performed at this amazing event deserves personal accolades. This will be a night to remember for those of us who were lucky enough to watch the performances live.

Shay Williamson Photo by @NinaReedPhoto


Men’s Division

1stPlace – Mayzer Thane

2ndPlace – John Aither

3rdPlace – Shane P.

Doubles Division

1stPlace – Josephine and Kate

2ndPlace – Flaxen and Rose

3rdPlace – Molly and Jes

Women’s Division

1stPlace – Harper

2ndPlace – Michelle Loewe

3rdPlace – Shay Williamson and Jenna Brooks


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