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Dance With the Full Moon to Journey Home to Your Wild Soul

By on February 11, 2017

moon-angel-1993515_960_720The full moon is magnetic. She captivates us, lighting the dark, rising in the east as the sun sets in the west and setting in the morning as the sun rises. At midnight she’s at her peak in the sky calling to the untamed nature of our souls. Perhaps this explains why we sometimes have trouble sleeping when the moon is full.

The full moon is viewed as the most magical phase for ceremonies and rituals. Many people cleanse and recharge crystals and jewelry, make moon water, or moon bathe under the soft, silvery reflected light.

If you made wishes with the new moon and took steps toward these dreams during the waxing phase, the full moon is the time to express gratitude and celebrate what you received and achieved.

My favorite way to celebrate is to dance with the moon, especially when there’s a lunar eclipse.


I recently transformed an old Altoids tin using modge podge extreme glitter to have a mini moon ritual kit with me at all times for spontaneous dances under the moon.

Dancing makes us more self-aware. As Martha Graham famously said, ”Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather to all who can read it. This might be called the law of the dancer’s life.”


All dance facilitates this, to some extent. There’s even a category of dance devoted to it: Conscious Dance. Mark Metz coined the term as a DJ, went on to publish Conscious Dancer magazine and start Dance First Association after an April fool’s gag reporting results from a study recommending dance before drugs to treat mental illness struck a nerve. According to Metz, Conscious Dance means “movement with an intention towards greater awareness.”

In my experience, pole dancing is the most conscious dance of all. More specifically, sensual dance with a pole, a lap dance chair (including a lap dancee), or with Nature are the most effective and reliable ways to access the wisdom stored in the body and the unconscious.


When my local S Factor studio closed for eighteen months a few years ago, I experimented with other types of dance including 5Rythms, Nia, and other ecstatic and somatic modalities. Nothing kept me sane, gifted me with insights, provided solutions to problems in my life, brought me body bliss, contentment and joy like sensual movement in the sand and with the waves. Or the studio when it reopened.

Now I need both. Adding the full moon to the mix magnifies this magic.

The full moon provides a path into the darkness, that we otherwise cannot see. It helps us face our fears of the unknown and what we don’t understand, particularly about ourselves. The full moon shines a light on hidden aspects of ourselves—both our dark and golden shadows. The former is the dark side of our strengths in their extreme. The latter are hidden strengths.

For example, I’m determined and persistent, but the dark shadow of this is that I can also be super stubborn and suffer from resistance that is like trying to move a mountain.

wolf-547203_1280Golden shadows are hidden traits you admire in others that you already possess like diamonds in the rough. Or they come so easily to you that you take them for granted. For example, a friend recently asked me for help seeing connections and patterns on a project, something I know I do well, but take for granted because I can’t not do it.angst-pole-dance


When we dance in the pole studio or outside under the moon, these troublesome traits and hidden gems make themselves known so they can be diffused or put to use. What has been trapped in our unconscious bubbles to the surface. Our desires announce themselves, like a wolf howling at the moon. Blocks become obvious and struggles fade away.

Dance with the full moon, allow it illuminate your journey home to your wild soul.

PS The next full moon occurs at 4:33 p.m. PST on February 10 PST (or 12:33 a.m. GST on February 11). And it just so happens that there’s a penumbral eclipse, where the earth casts a faint shadow on the moon. According to Cathy Pagano, “Usually, full moons help us become aware of something within us, some feeling or belief that we keep hidden. At a lunar eclipse, these feelings and beliefs come out unconsciously. You could say, our shadow is showing. So look for your shadow turning up this weekend, and instead of pushing it back into the unconscious, embrace it, name it and allow it into your life.”

Lisa Faulkner
Frolic w/ me

Lisa Faulkner

Founder at Siren Institute
Lisa is a feisty tiger who frolics in the sand + around the pole when she's not inspiring others with her educational roar. Play and learn with her at
Lisa Faulkner
Frolic w/ me

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