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Famous People Who Pole Dance

By on November 13, 2017

Ever wonder what famous people have hit the pole and why? We do too! Some celebrities have had to learn moves for roles in movies or music videos, but others have decided to practice it as a sport or just to have some fun.

Here’s a list of celebrities who have tried pole dance:

Jennifer Aniston

We learned to love her as Rachel Green, the character she played in Friends, but this actress not only knows how to entertain as a performer, she also knows how to pole dance! In the 2013 movie “We’re the Millers”, Jennifer plays the role of a stripper and she does a little pole dancing scene that you can watch here:

She doesn’t do any hard tricks, but I bet you can agree she looks really sexy and in great shape!

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians have done pretty much anything on their show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and pole is one of them! On an episode a few seasons ago Kim, her mom and her sisters attended a pole dance class where they learned twerking and some pole spins!

Kris Jenner, the mother of the Kardashian sisters, had a pole installed in her room at some point, and the youngest siblings used to play with it, showing an impressive ability to invert and spin!

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra is another celebrity that has practiced pole dance, but not only that, she has her own pole line and instructional videos that will help you tone thighs, arms, abs and more! She was one of the first celebrities to embrace pole dancing. This video is from 2006!

Carmen is also one of the founding members of The Pussycat Dolls, wo we think she might know a thing or two about being sexy and pole dancing, don’t you agree?

Emma Watson

We know Emma Watson from the Harry Potter series where she played the student wizard Hermione Granger, but the truth is that this English actress is all grown up. In 2013 she participated in the movie The Bling Ring where she does a little pole dance combo on a scene, that you could copy and do yourself:

Britney Spears

When Britney Spears started out she was a next door sweet girl, like we got to see her in the video of the song “Hit me baby one more time”. Many years later this singer did some dancing with the pole on her video “Gimme More”, where she not only shows off her spectacular body but some nice and sexy moves!

Marisa Tomei

This actress played a stripper in the 2008 movie The Wrestler, and not only did she undress in the first five minutes of the film, she does pole dancing too! She took some classes with a teacher in L.A. named Rie Katagiri, who runs her own studio Erotic Movement Arts in order to prepare for the role.


Already a professional in belly dancing, it seems like there’s nothing Shakira can’t dance to. You can see that she definitely knows how to move her hips in her video Rabiosa where she does sexy tricks and spins on the pole:

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has done many movies, but she has also tried pole dancing! You can see her taking a private lesson on her reality show “Lindsay” that was filmed and aired in 2014. She explains that she enjoys the workout very much and the she sweats much more in pole class than doing other type of exercises.

Demi Moore

I’ve left Demi Moore for last because her movie “Striptease” from 1996 is not only a classic, but it also has an iconic scene where this actress shows very intricate choreography both dancing and stripping, as well as doing some pole spins. See for yourself.

Do you know any other celebrities that have done pole dance?


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