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How Deep Does Your Pole Love Go?

By on March 4, 2017

Is your Pole Love as Deep as BK Brand Ambassador Amy Hazel’s standing splits? That’s pretty deep.

If you really like pole dancing then you’ve probably signed up for regular classes, have your own pole at home, and follow all of the pros on Instagram to see what they’re up to. You don’t miss a pole event near you, and if you travel you try to take a class if you happen to know there’s a studio nearby. Oh, and you have every new Bad Kitty outfit that gets released.

But, what about taking your love for pole dance to another level? What would you do to show the world how much pole dance is a part of your life and makes you a proud human being? Here are some stories of pole dancers that are not afraid to shout out loud that they are in love with pole dance.

In My Heart and On My Skin

Maritza Margarido from Caracas is a 52 year old pole dancer who has been training for about six years now. She not only loves to practice (and teach), but she really likes tattoos. So, it was no surprise to her when she woke up one day and decided that she wanted new ink on her skin: a picture of herself… pole dancing.


So, without giving it too much thought, she called her tattoo artist and made an appointment to get a handspring permanently on her skin. This trick has a special meaning for Maritza. “It’ took me almost two years to be able to get this move right, so it has a special meaning to me”, she confesses, adding that she thinks that, because of her age, she’s not going to be pole dancing many more years so it’s a way to remember her passion for pole.


But not only does Maritza have now the proof of her pole dance love on her forearm, she’s also dedicated 100% to teaching this discipline at home for the past two years. She used to work as a secretary, but today she only teaches pole dance.

Trading the Badge for the Pole

Like Maritza, Kimberley Bosch has a similar story. Yes, she is also a tattoo lover, but still doesn’t have anything pole-related on her skin, and she is completely dedicated to pole dance as well. Today, Kim lives in Cancun, Mexico, where she’s an instructor and also helps with the studio’s administration. If you look at her today you would never have guessed that Kim used to be a cop.


She served 11 years in a police department in Caracas, Venezuela, and about five years ago she started pole dancing several times a week after her shift was over. “I began teaching pole dance simultaneously with the police work for about two years, and then I decided to quit and dedicate all of my time to pole”, Kim says.

Having worked as a pole dance teacher in Venezuela, Panama, and now Mexico, Kim says that she does very well financially and she gets to work out all the time. “Pole dance made me change how I think and act around others, plus the interaction with the students fills my day with positive energy”, she confesses.


I Love Pole Dance, and I Also Love Him”

Positive energy is something that Jessie Pericás and Guillermo Tovar nurture in their lives every day. They met in pole dance class about three years ago, began teaching together, and fell in love.

“We met when I was teaching a class and needed help with some movements. Guillermo jumped up to aid me”, Jessie says. “Later we started dating”, and they have been together ever since. In 2014 they competed as doubles in a national meet in Venezuela and won, which allowed them to participate that same year on the South American Pole Championship.

But, not only are Jessie and Guillermo a pole couple, they also opened their own studio together almost two years ago (Aerial Fitness Ccs) and had a beautiful baby together, who will surely be a great athlete in the future, as well (we can see him training already and he’s not even 1 yet!).


While these stories definitely highlight just how deep the love of pole can run, there are every day choices that reflect this same passion for pole. Here are some of our favorites below:


You know you’re a pole dancer…


@moisesd_mendes: When you walk down the street and every light post is a perfect pole for a picture.

@yaiza_darias: When you have bruises all over your body

@genesismgonz: When you can’t find on your phone a photo that doesn’t show you doing acro, urban pole or in pole class.

@fanypatti: When every song you listen to makes you think about a potential pole choreography.

@juliabalbasperetti: When you have one substantially stronger arm, compared to the other one.

@morayraci: When your hands are busy and you point with your feet.

@poleshopdc: When you only follow pole dance accounts on social media.

@lisbethjj: When you only wear sport bras underneath your shirts and carry shorts on your purse “just in case something comes up”.


So, have you also taken your love for pole dancing to another level? If so, what is your story?


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