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How To Stay Fit While Traveling

By on July 31, 2017

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Summertime usually means vacation in the Northern Hemisphere. And that means traveling! Which means less time at the pole studio. Whether it’s a quick weekend trip to the mountains or the beach, or a two month European tour, if you’re a pole dancer you don’t want to lose the hard work you’ve put into training.

Currently, I’m in Italy doing a work job for two months, and I have to say that it has been a struggle trying to eat healthy and staying fit here with all of the gelato and pizza available. Not to mention wine and sweets!

But, there are a few things I’ve managed to do here to try to stay in shape, and of course to not gain any weight. Here are some that could be useful to you too:

Taking lots of walks

Luckily, where I’ve been staying (Pettenasco, a small town next to Orta Lake in Italy) I have to do a 20 minute walk daily up hill to work, and walk again down hill at the end of the day. Also, I’ve done hiking and sightseeing by foot, which has given me some sort of cardiovascular workout. While you are traveling, try to walk as much as possible whether it’s for sightseeing, shopping or going out to eat. Walking burns quite a few calories and is a wonderfully underrated form of exercise.

Me on my walk!


If you already know some basic yoga then try incorporating it into a daily mini routine. I’ve been lucky to attend several yoga classes where I’m staying and it always feels like an amazing workout, especially for my arms, legs and core.

Also, it’s a wonderful experience to do yoga with fantastic backdrops. Breathing fresh air and listening to birds chirping, or maybe the sounds of waves on the shore of a beach makes the entire yoga practice a great one. Not to mention meeting new people at a yoga studio!


This is another great exercise if you have a pool, a lake, a beach or a river available. In Italy I have a pool I can use, but I actually prefer to swim in Lake Orta. Located 20 minutes by foot from my workplace, it has a breathtaking view. See if there are any beautiful bodies of water for you to swim in when you travel!

Don’t forget to stretch!

Take some time off every day to stretch. I also use this time to meditate about my day. Remember that flexibility is something you will lose very fast if you don’t work on it regularly. Do as much as you can, like practicing the splits, stretching your back, arms, neck and legs. See if you can use things like  a chair or some travel rubber bands to assist you in your practice. Even just stretching for ten minutes before bed can have great added benefit!

The best moment to do stretching is when your body is warm, so try doing these exercises after taking a walk, jogging or swimming before you have completely cooled down.

Abs and push-ups

Remember that for pole dancing you need a lot of upper body strength and you should try at least every other day to do planks and push-ups. Just take 10 minutes off from your schedule and you’ll manage to stay in shape.

Don’t forget to do some abs, at least a 100! This will allow you to feel better about the pizza you ate last night and the gelato you had this afternoon heehee!

Eat healthy as much as you can

Breakfast-Time by Florian Kunde on


I understand that when traveling it’s hard to stick to a diet. Not only do you want to try new flavors but it’s hard to find the exact type of food you’re used to, instead of fast food like a hamburger or a pizza.

Do what you can. Don’t deny yourself of the local cuisine but take at least a day or two per week to eat healthy. Have a salad instead of pasta, skip gelato, or carry your own low calorie sweetener for your coffee and order it without sugar.

Use the gym, If there’s one available

Here we have a small gym that everyone can use. Also, there’s a bar that I have used to practice inverts. If you’re staying someplace with a gym, you can do some weight lifting and do a leg or an arm workout.

Don’t forget to take pictures and try to always find a spot for a street pole photo!

Improvisational Gym!

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