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How To Take Proper Care of Your X-pole

By on March 20, 2017

We’re pretty sure you already own an X-pole, but if you don’t you might be thinking about getting one soon. Having your own pole at home can be a great tool for many pole dancers. Not only can you train at home on the days you don’t go to the studio, but you can also keep it as part of your home decoration and use it at at parties you host.

Bad Kitty® Brand Ambassador Sarah Scott.

Once you get your X-pole and take it out of the box (yes, it’s just like Christmas Day), take some time to read the instructions carefully so that you install it properly to prevent any accidents from happening. Once you start using your X-Pole you will need to follow the proper care for maintaining your shiny new purchase.

How to clean your pole

The X-pole webpage suggests different types of pole care, depending on the material it’s made of. They are listed below:

  • X-clean: It’s an X-pole product that can be used on Chrome, Stainless Steel, Titanium Gold and Brass poles. Use it with a high quality microfiber cloth.
  • Rubbing alcohol (50% – 70%): It can be used on Chrome, Stainless Steel, Titanium Gold and Brass poles. You should use this with a soft cloth.
  • Brass cleaner: This is specifically for brass poles, since they tarnish over time. Buy whichever you like from you local hardware store.
  • Warm soapy water: Use this only for silicone and powder coated poles with a soft cloth. Don’t use alcohol or X-clean since it will deteriorate your pole.

Regardless of which pole you own, try to clean it on a regular basis, especially if you use grip aids.

Amy Guion. X-Pole Brass 45mm pole. Photo courtesy of X-Pole.

Kash, marketing director from X-pole, explained to Bad Kitty® that you should always keep your poles in a cool and dry environment and not let them get wet. This could lead to rust, which cannot be fixed. If this happens (which actually occurred with my chrome Xpert X-pole because I had it installed outside my home for several months), you can wet a piece of aluminum paper in salty water and rub your pole with it. It will help to eliminate the rust!

Pole Installation

If you don’t install your poles properly or check them regularly for stability, they have the potential to fall over. Kash says it’s best to check them before and after every use and to read the instructions that come along with the pole. Remember to set your pole directly under a joist (beam) to keep your ceiling from caving in. Also, always tighten the screws securely, and double check everything.

The pole should always feel solid as a rock if you attempt to put any lateral pressure or pull on it. If it’s set on a carpet, check it after an hour of use, and of course, every time before using it, say the experts at X-pole.

X-pole Chrome Sport pole

Some pole dancers have told me that it’s a good idea to uninstall the pole every now and then and let it “breath” for awhile, before settling it back into place.

And of course, use your poles wisely and safely: don’t apply any lotion on your body before climbing your poles, don’t use them if you’ve been drinking, and try to always be with someone that can spot you, just in case.

What happens if your poles wear out over time?

Kash explained to me that if this happens (for instance, your chrome pole loses its chrome after many years of use), you can contact X-pole to see if you qualify for an Upgrade Program. This consists of you sending them your old pieces (or pole) and getting a newer one for a discount price.

Whichever pole you own, the care instructions all follow these basic guidelines: read the manual that comes along with your X-pole; clean it carefully with the correct product; check for safety before and after use; and have lots of fun!

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