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Insight Movement Seoul Pole Camp

By on October 7, 2016

Pole Camps are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great way for pole dancers to train and vacay at the same time (hence the term “traincation.”) Many pole camps are set in a tropical beach destination to attract those seeking fun in the sun and water. However, there are so many amazing places to see around the world that fall out of the traditional beach locations that are full of culture and new experiences. One such camp is Insight Movement Pole Camp located in Seoul, South Korea. This pole and movement camp was created by the mastermind of Bad Kitty® Ambassador Nadia Sharif along with Korean Pole Dancer So Young Yun and studio owners and mangers from Hansabu Studio and Venus Pole Studio in Seoul. So Young Yun (Instagram: @pole1selena) not only helps produce the camp but also translates many of the classes. The entire team putting the camp together treat you like family and make you feel like home.


The idea behind the camp is to mix a non pole form of movement such as Mixed Martial Arts, Tricking, Break Dancing etc into the pole camp curriculum to bring more versatility and expression into pole training. Every year a different form of movement is added to the curriculum. In 2016, the camp debuted it’s first run and was sold out within a month. The Curriculum included Tricking Classes from Tricking Master Hansabu in addition to different pole and floor movement/acro/dance classes from renowned pole stars: Nadia Sharif, Marlo Fisken, Kenneth Kao, and Heidi Coker.



Hansabu Studio has a unique set up perfect for entertaining different formats of movement. The studio includes an open room with padded floors for Martial Arts, Tricking, Gymnastics, Dance, etc. Then there is a room with even more padding, and two giant trampolines. The icing on the cake is the spacious pole studio downstairs with 10 beautiful shiny 14 ft poles. Depending on the class each day, campers would visit the different rooms to take classes in varying movement formats.

Photos of Hansabu Studio / Venus Pole Studio

a_hall airmat b_hall changing_shower front pole_cube pole_studio trampoline

The vast space at Hansabu Studio makes it a great place to spend the day without feeling confined or crammed. The  studio is located nearby many great shops and restaurants and you can frequent them on breaks.

The Food in Seoul was Delicious

IMG_3766 IMG_4203 IMG_4336

One one day camp organizers planned a group field trip for everyone to attend the Trick Eye Museum in Seoul. This 3D Interactive museum allows visitors to touch, take photos and interact with the art, which creates illusions on the eyes.

Trick Eye Museum



Professional Pole Dancer So Young Yun with


The city of Seoul has many great ways to pass the time including spending a day in the Korean Spa which I highly recommend after a hard week of training!


On the final day of the camp there was a farewell party for all the campers including some breathtaking performances from the Hansabu Teachers, a State of the Art Laser Light show, catered appetizers, and fun games with prizes supplied by Bad Kitty®. The campers danced their pants off (literally) and it was a great way to close out our epic time together in Korea.

img_4267 img_4298


Seoul Pole Camp is returning in 2017 with new teachers and new dance styles. The camp dates are August 11-15, 2017 and the teachers will including pole stars: Amy Hazel, Yvonne Smink, Vladimir Karachunov, Phoenix Kazree, Nadia Sharif, Dae-Sung, and tricking master Hansabu. Movement styles will include: pole dance, tricking, break dancing, and african dance taught by group Barakan.

Barakan Troup

The camp welcomes all levels from beginners to super advanced. Easy Bird tickets can be purchased at the discounted rate of $799 up until Oct 15. Get more info and purchase your pass here.



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