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Mindfulness in Pole

By on June 12, 2017

Embracing in the moment

Gliding through the air upside down on the pole, I free fall, dropping head first. I stop inches above the studio floor. A lot of people would freak out at this point, but for those familiar with pole dancing, they know I’m completely safe and in control. Pole requires not only concentration and appreciation of what our bodies enable us to do, but also a mindfulness to live in the moment as we lose ourselves in the music.

It’s when I’m on the pole – with complete focus – that I feel the happiest. I don’t have time to worry about life’s little problems and being completely in the moment brings me to a state of true presence and joy.

Mindfulness leads to happiness

Ever notice that when you are daydreaming about something, other than what you are doing, you are less happy than if you are completely focused on the task at hand? A recent study found that people spend around 46% of their time thinking about something other than what they are actually doing.

This focus is one of the reasons I absolutely love pole dancing. I find that being completely absorbed in the art of the dance (and, of course, the workout) lets me forget about my worries and brings me to a state of inner connection.

Over time, focusing on pushing my body during a good work out has enabled me to realize the benefits – not simply physical, but also mental – that pole dancing has.

You’ll often hear me supporting a student through a tough time and encouraging them to jump up on the pole and let their worries fade away as they become completely present in the moment.

Sure enough, they walk away feeling energized and happy, always grateful they made the effort to come. It drives home the lesson that worries fade when you embrace the ability to live completely in the present moment.

Living in the moment

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If we understand that living in the present moment brings us happiness, how can we re-focus our mind when we become distracted? It’s normal to feel worried about our past and future at times, but it’s important to learn to step away, take a moment and refocus your mind. It takes practice, but over time this unwavering focus becomes easier.

By learning to switch off distracting thoughts through focusing on the pole in front of me, I am able to reconnect to my body, my mind and those around me.

This lesson has also helped me in my day-to-day life too. Whenever I’m feeling stressed or anxious, I focus on what I’m doing at that particular moment, putting a conscious stop on allowing my mind to wander.

I encourage you to live in the present

I challenge you to take up the challenge of living in the moment.

Regardless of where you are – out with friends, shopping at the supermarket for something to cook that night, or upside down on the pole – take the time to completely disconnect from everything except the task at hand.

Take a moment to be completely present and connect with what is happening around you.

If we all took the time to enjoy the precious moments as they happened, we would save ourselves a lot of heartache and headaches. Practice mindfulness and create happiness.


Remember – don’t ponder on the past, or contemplate the future, just be here now. Do you accept the challenge?


Peta Howlett
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Peta Howlett

is a specialist in fitness for both the mind and body. Peta is a qualified personal trainer and frequent speaker and writer for Motivational and Fitness events, columns and blogs.Peta is also the founder and owner of Studio Exclusive Pole Fitness Studios, with two locations in Sydney at Chatswood and Drummoyne.

Peta lives and breathes her passion for building community, improving mind and body fitness, and creating empowered and confident women.She opened her first studio in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since.

Peta combines her extensive experience and specialized knowledge, with her absolute commitment to transforming the minds and bodies of women, to awaken the potential in each and every individual.
Peta Howlett
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