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Pole Dancing at Glastonbury

By on July 25, 2014

After traveling over 5000 miles by plane to Glasgow, Scotland and then several hundred miles from Glasgow, Scotland to southeast England in the van we would call home for the next 4 nights, Crystal, Tiff and I arrived at a farm with no electricity (aside from running the van), no first world plumbing, mud every step you take and hundreds of thousands of filthy festival music heads.  Glastonbury is not what one would call a luxurious event, but it is for sure the experience of a lifetime. Here is what a typical day looked like for us.


We woke up to the sound of music, rolled out of bed, brushed our teeth and washed our face with either saved rain water or bottled water, then put on our Wellies to head out into the mud for food and coffee. We could get free food from the Glastonbury production crew VIP cafeteria, but we also had a wide selection of vendor booths selling food that we could choose from. So luckily getting food was never a problem. However, the bathroom situation was another story. The choices were Port-o-potties, these peculiarly constructed toilets that I believe were once troths, or handle your business in a bush somewhere. Crystal knew about the bathrooms and therefore brought an extra little tent and a mini toilet that had to be dumped out every day or so. This homemade outhouse was a Godsend! I felt so thankful every time I used it in peace! After getting some food, using our luxurious private toilet and enjoying the scenery we would start to get ready for our performance. I would use the sideview mirror on the van to put my make up on, change in the van and pack a backpack full of iTac2, DryHands, Bad Kitty Pole Fit sunglasses, rubbing alcohol, vodka (for after the performance), water and a rag. We would head over to our assigned stage and set up our trusty X-Stage then get into the zone. The stagehands eyes were bulging out of their heads when they watched us warm up backstage. After all they usually don’t have pole dancers backstage. We forgave them for staring. They were extremely helpful, respectful and interested (to say the least). The DJ or band we were getting ready to dance to would play for a few minutes and then each of us would take turns going on stage. We freestyled, just grooving and rocking out on stage. The audience went crazy for us! They loved it! And we loved them for loving it! After we danced we held up handfuls of the Bad Kitty PoleFit sunglasses and waved them around. Everyone wanted a pair – they were screaming and waving their hands. I felt like a rock star throwing them into the audience! Once we were done performing, we would break down the X-Stage, pack it up, and stow it away in a safe place for the next day. Then the mayhem began!


Crystal, Tiff and I raged until the sun came up: dancing, drinking, and walking miles in the mud, enjoying the music, lights, scenery, and people! Glastonbury is the biggest music festival in the world and it is the most amazing place to just take in.  It was an honor to perform onstage and a blessing to share it with people I love so dearly and trust with my life.  And it was an honor not just for me, Crystal and Tiff, but for the entire pole community.  Everyone backstage, everyone in the audience and even the musical performers were astonished at what pole dancers can do. It was a great pleasure to earn some respect in the musical world – a world far bigger than the pole world. One step for Crystal, Tiff and I… One giant leap for Polekind.


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