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What Are the Best Bad Kitty® PoleFit® Shorts for You?

By on June 14, 2017

best pole shorts quiz

We all know how important it is to find the perfect pair of pole dance bottoms. When you feel uncomfortable or too covered or too exposed in your pole shorts it can really distract you from your training. However,  with so many options available, it’s not easy finding the ideal pair.

What are the characteristics of the perfect pole dance bottoms? They don’t create a muffin top or camel toe, they are comfortable and stretchy, but they are still cute and look great in photos.  The perfect pole dance bottoms cover the places that need to be covered and reveal the places that you love to show off. They match with your preferred pole style, they make you feel confident and and they show off your personality. Good News!! Bad Kitty® PoleFit® offers a wide range of pole bottoms in different colors, styles and prints.

Can we help you pick the perfect pole bottom? Let’s find out.

Just answer these 7 simple questions.



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