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Power Statements for a Better Pole Practice–and Life

By on August 31, 2015

If you’ve even dipped your toes into the waters of personal development, you’ve probably come across affirmations. These statements are intended to focus your mindset on positive beliefs so that as you change your thoughts, you change your reality. You may have seen articles that encourage you to recite lines like,

“I am a money magnet!”

“I am successful in everything I do!”

“I am healthy, happy…and slim!”

The idea is that the more you say these affirmations as truth, the more your subconscious begins to believe them. As a result, your behaviors and actions follow the same course and you begin to create a reality in line with these statements.

Perhaps you’ve been using them with great success. For some of us, though, these affirmations aren’t inspiring or motivating. Instead, they cause our brains to call B.S. right off the bat. If I can’t make my monthly credit card payment again, telling myself that I’m a money magnet doesn’t ring true. Instead, my brain instantly goes, “Well, obviously not.”

If I go into a tricky pole trick repeating that I’m successful at everything I do, and then proceed not to nail it, this statement isn’t necessarily motivational for me. Instead, it sort of makes the self-doubt kick in. (If I’m so successful at everything, why couldn’t I do this?)


There are absolutely people who find these kinds of statements incredibly helpful and empowering. But if you’re not one of them, there might still be an opportunity to shift your vocabulary to create powerful statements that work for you. These phrases might allow you to pull yourself out of a slump, motivate you to try just one more time, or give you an extra boost when you’re feeling doubtful.

To start, it’s essential that you’re using words that feel right to you. If you can’t say “My body is infused with the energy of health!” without rolling your eyes, it’s not a good fit. Write your power statements in your words using your voice. I’ll share some of my favorite techniques for crafting effective power statements, but it’s essential to put your personal spin on them to make them feel right for you.

affirmation (7)

Draw On Past Experiences

When you’re faced with something challenging, inside or outside the pole studio, pull from past experiences to power yourself through. Remember times when you overcame something difficult—no matter how small—and use that for momentum. Keep it top of mind with a statement like,

Remember that time…

This is just like when…

There’s more where that came from.

 affirmation (2)

Vouch For Yourself

Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader. Whether you’re faced with a pole move that scares you or making a phone call that you’re dreading, put faith in yourself with a simple phrase that clearly says you’re on fully on board. Remind yourself:

I’ve got this.

(Or, if it helps to state it more like an outsider looking in: You’ve got this.)

affirmation (4)

Leave Space For Chance

When you’re full of self-doubt, sometimes it helps to keep your power statement a bit more open-ended. While your goal may seem totally out of reach, and perhaps you can’t even fully imagine a way in which you can make something happen, you can still use strong words to keep your mind on track. Think of a couple of examples where the unexpected happened (you got that shoulder mount even though you didn’t think you were strong enough, or you nailed a job interview that you were nervous about) and remind yourself:

I’m always surprising myself.

 How you use your power statements is personal.

You might simply keep them in the back of your mind for when you’re up against a challenging situation, or you might find they’re more helpful when written out on a sticky note that you keep in your wallet or pole bag. Perhaps you prefer to write them on your mirror with a dry erase marker so that you’re reminded every time you pass by. Or maybe you find them most effective when you put aside specific time for positive thinking every day (even if it’s while brushing your teeth), focusing both about your power statements and any situations or examples that back them up.

Lyndsey Lithe, photo by G. Mark Lewis

Do (and say) what makes you feel confident, motivated, and enthusiastic about taking on your challenges and ensure that that method finds a place in your day so you can keep propelling yourself forward, both inside the studio and out.

Paige Lysaght

Paige Lysaght

is a Certified Health Coach, AFAA certified fitness instructor, and parkour and aerial arts studio owner.
Paige Lysaght

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