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Reboot Your Pole Body With A Diet Experiment

By on May 29, 2017

Are you in a food rut?

Do you dread making your grocery list because nothing sounds good? Are you eating mindlessly all the time, with no end in sight? Not feeling fantastic in your pole body but no clue how to fix it? It might be time to change up your diet and try something completely new.

We all tend to get in the habit of eating the same foods day in and day out, and while that might work perfectly for a while, it’s not surprising that sometimes we get bored or completely off-track. One cure? Try a new way of eating as an experiment. 

Maybe a classic PB&J fits into your new diet plan?

Of course, before starting any new diet, you should:

  • Consult your medical professional to ensure you won’t compromise your health or safety in any way.
  • Do your research! While this post provides a quick overview of a few different food experiments you might want to test out, it’s up to you to dive in and learn. What are the benefits? What are the downsides? What kind of prep is involved? What does the diet look like on a day-to-day basis? Explore!
  • Ensure that your new way of eating generally focuses on nutrient-dense whole foods. While there are plenty of ways to get creative with how you eat, it’s still important to make sure you’re getting a variety of nutrients in your meals and not relying on a ton of processed junk.
  • Does the diet seem incredibly restrictive? Is it very low calorie? Does it eliminate entire groups of macronutrients (like carbs)? This way of eating may not be the best direction to go in, may not be safe, and at the very least should involve support from an appropriate medical professional. Use good judgment when exploring new ways of eating.

There are endless possibilities you could explore when it comes to testing out new ways of eating. Here are three options to get you started–but remember, they are by no means the only ones! Have fun doing your own research and seeing what ways of eating catch your eye. Then create your own diet experiment and see how your pole body reacts to this new way of eating. Do you have more energy? Is your sleep different? Is your body composition changing? Is your skin clearer or more broken out? By testing out alternative ways of eating, you can ultimately discover what works best for your body.

Green Smoothie Challenge

Sometimes the best way to transform your eating habits is by making one small change, and green smoothies are a great way to get started (especially since we know they’re basically just like your first pole invert). They’ve become an incredibly popular way to squeeze in some extra greens, which means the internet is packed with resources to get you started. While you can find programs in all levels of stringency, I’d suggest starting out by trying to add one green smoothie into your day every day for a set period of time that you choose. Then, see how you feel.

If you want more guidance, Simple Green Smoothies offers their free Simple7 program with a week’s worth of recipes to get your started. Love the smoothie idea but not sure you’ll stay on routine? Companies like GreenBlender will autoship pre-portioned smoothie packs to you so all you have to do is put the ingredients in the blender. It’s definitely more of investment than putting them together yourself, but if it makes a difference in your life and health, maybe it’s worth it.

This might be for you if: you want to take small daily actions that add up in big ways (hello healthy breakfast, goodbye decision fatigue), or you struggle to eat enough veggies and want to commit to changing that, or you’re simply just intrigued by those weird green drinks you see people enjoying on Instagram and you want to try your hand at them.

This might not be for you if: you’re not into trial and error when it comes to recipes (sometimes mastering smoothies takes a bit of practice!), or you’re more focused if you do a big lifestyle overhaul (versus one small change at a time).

Recipe to try: Pina Colada Green Smoothie

The “VB6” diet offers a flexitarian approach, with a twist.

Vegan Before 6

Intrigued by the benefits of a vegan diet but not sure you are ready to go into it 100%? Explore a “vegan before 6” diet, where you eschew animal products each day until 6pm, then expand your options in the evening. This diet encourages a plant-heavy diet during the day without having to sacrifice cheese or steaks. While critics of this plan say that the plan doesn’t offer enough structure and guidelines, this may be the perfect option if you’re looking to just experiment with your diet and see how adjusting your food makes you feel. Just make sure that you focus on whole foods in this plan, and especially plenty of fresh produce.

This might for you if: you’re someone who needs a little extra encouragement to try out plant-strong recipes and meal plans, or  you have concerns about the meat and dairy industries and wants to eat less of these conventionally-raised foods so you can invest your money in higher quality products, or you need plenty of flexibility in your meal plans.

This might not be for you if: eliminating animal products means you will heavily rely on processed meat substitutes or suspect you might find yourself eating toast and pasta for every meal to avoid having to chop veggies, or if the flexibility of this plan drives you to overindulge in the evenings.

Recipe to try: Sweet Potato White Bean Burgers with Avocado (this recipe is highly adaptable–tweak the spices to suit your personal tastes and enjoy!)

Program resources from the 21 Day Detox website

21 Day Sugar Detox

Suspect the root of your food challenges lies in your sugar addiction? Or just curious to see how you’d feel if you minimized your sugar intake? Following the 21 Day Sugar Detox program by Diane Sanfilippo might be worth exploring. Her plan offers several different levels of intensity, depending on your personal needs, and there’s lots of resources available (including some that are free or on Facebook), depending on how much support you want. If you’re going to really jump into the program, grabbing the book is one I’d highly recommended. Pick it up from your local library or get a copy to add it to your bookshelf–the layout is lovely to look at and very user-friendly.

This might be for you if: you do best with a very structured plan that has set deadlines, or you suspect your body might feel best if you ate less sugar, or you’ve always wanted to do a “detox” but are looking for a safe and sane route to go.

This might not be for you if: restrictive plans make you stressed out (because, yes, you’ll likely be eliminating some of your favorite foods in this plan), or you have no interest in doing much meal prep or advanced planning, or you would rather not adjust your daily lifestyle (nights out, drinks with friends, etc.) around your new eating plan.

Recipe to try: Slow Cooker Chicken Adobo


Do none of these diets seem like a good fit? Never fear. Continue exploring until you find one that feels like the right fit for your lifestyle, and remember that no matter what you change now, you can always go back to your regular way of eating if that turns out to be the better option. Have fun!

Paige Lysaght

Paige Lysaght

is a Certified Health Coach, AFAA certified fitness instructor, and parkour and aerial arts studio owner.
Paige Lysaght

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