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Should I Get a Pole at Home?

By on November 21, 2016

Every pole dancer has thought to themselves at least once in his or her pole dancing life about getting their own pole. I know I wanted mine about six months after I started poling. I ordered it from Amazon. I had to have it sent by ship to my country (Venezuela) because no one sold them here at that time.

I have used my poles a lot. I got a second one about two years later, after winning a competition. The pole was the prize (very nice, actually). But, the reason why I have used my poles a lot is because I teach pole from home and at bachelorette parties in other people’s homes.

Mariale's pole at home

Mariale’s pole at home

Also, I used them quite a bit when I was competing, to train at home. But, if you were to ask me if I use them on a regular basis to exercise on my own… I don’t. They’re always there, in the middle of my parent’s backyard porch, and not even my sister who still lives there and knows how to pole, uses them. Ever.

Am I the only one that loves her poles but never uses them?

Nope, I’m not alone. I asked around and pole dance friends who have poles have this to say:


  1. When did you buy your pole?
  • Keryne Esté: “I got the first one on December 2010 and the second one on May 2013”.
  • Mariale Pérez: “December 2013”.
  • Rebeca Del Valle Rojas: “July 2013”.
  • Karla Castillo: “Sometine in 2012”.


  1. What pole do you have?
  • Keryne Esté: “X-pole Sport and X-pole Xpert”.
  • Mariale Pérez: “A generic one purchased at”.
  • Rebeca Del Valle Rojas: “A generic brand I found on Amazon”.
  • Karla Castillo: “X-pole”.
Keryne using her pole at home

Keryne using her pole at home

  1. Why did you decide to get your own pole?
  • Keryne Esté: “I wanted to train more and do spinning pole”.
  • Mariale Pérez: “I wanted to train more at home and I wanted my own pole”.
  • Rebeca Del Valle Rojas: “Theoretically to train more at home… but I don’t like to practice by myself!”.
  • Karla Castillo: “For practicing”.


  1. How much money did you spend?
  • Keryne Esté: “$250 and $300 respectively, plus shipping”.
  • Mariale Pérez: “Bs. 13,000 (this is about $65)”.
  • Rebeca Del Valle Rojas: “$80 plus shipping”.
  • Karla Castillo: “$270”.


  1. What did the people that live with you say when you decided to buy your pole?
  • Keryne Esté: “My brother asked me if I was going to install it in the middle of the living room and then he didn’t say anything else”.
  • Mariale Pérez: “I live with my husband and it doesn’t bother him at all. Actually, it was him that gave it to me as a present”.
  • Rebeca Del Valle Rojas: “When I bought it I lived with my boyfriend, now husband, and he likes it because every now and then he does an invert on it”.
  • Karla Castillo: “My husband encouraged me to buy it”.


  1. Do you take your pole down when you have people over?
  • Keryne Esté: “No”.
  • Mariale Pérez: “No, even if my parents come over to visit, the pole stays there, hehehe. Actually, I put my dining table away to have enough space available to use it. Now, we always eat at the kitchen”.
  • Rebeca Del Valle Rojas: “The pole is part of the living room decoration! Sometimes it gets in the way to watch TV, but no, IT’S NOT GOING ANYWHERE”.
  • Karla Castillo: “I don’t take it down”.


  1. How frequently do you use your pole?
  • Keryne Esté: “Not much. I feel more like using it if I have people over to train with me”.
  • Mariale Pérez: “Actually, not much. I use it if I don’t have a lot of work, if I feel like I have some time to train on my own or if I want to practice a specific trick. Still, at least about once a week I improvise something short on it if I listen to a song I want to dance to”.
  • Rebeca Del Valle Rojas: “Since I don’t like to train my myself it’s not very common for me to use it. Maybe maximum about twice a month and when I have people over (because it becomes the center of attention)”.
  • Karla Castillo: “I do at least a spin a day on it”.


  1. Do you regret getting a pole?
  • Keryne Esté: “Not at all”.
  • Mariale Pérez: “Never! I love my pole”.
  • Rebeca Del Valle Rojas: “No, even if I almost never use it, it’s one of my most appreciated investments ever made”.
  • Karla Castillo: “No”.


It’s very strange that we love our poles so much but hardly ever use them! Don’t you think so? I also LOVE my poles and would never sell them or give them away, even if I ever quit training.

But, should YOU get your own?

One on my pole's at home

One on my poles at home

I would encourage you to wait at least a few months after your first pole dance class before you think about buying a pole. The good brands are an investment!  I’m pretty sure you will never regret getting your own pole, which is exactly what happened with the girls I spoke to: everyone loves their pole like it is a part of their own body and would never get rid of it.

Whether or not to buy a pole is a very personal decision. And even after buying one you may not use it that often. But you will likely never want to get rid of it! Once you have decided you want a pole for your home, check out the different options for poles here.

Do you have a pole at home? If so, what made you buy it? And how much do you use it?




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