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Sh*t My Pole Dance Teachers Say

By on July 5, 2017

Ah the sh*t pole dance teachers say. Most of the time it’s to make your lines a little longer or cleaner, your toes more pointed, your face more sexy or just to get you to relax a little. Sometimes it’s an alert (as in a nip slip). Other times it’s encouragement. And where else will you hear your bits referred to the way you do in pole class? Certainly not at yoga. In the spirit of all the things we have heard our teachers say to us to make us better polers, we decided to compile a list from some of my local studios in the hopes that everyone else will add theirs to the comments section below. On with the list!

Jenna McNamar is a studio owner and lead instructor at Rockstar Pole Fitness in Arvada,  CO. Jenna’s trademark teaching advice during her sexy heels class is, “Always vagina and crotch to the audience!”

 Jenna McNamar. Photo credit Kacey Cole

Ashlee Renee is the owner and “Mama Nugget” of her student “Nuggets” at Tease Studio Denver.  Ashlee is known for announcing “Cupcake!” when someone’s most intimate female body parts are being exposed to the class. My personal Ashlee favorite is, “I cuss, my music cusses. If you don’t like it, then you probably should have gone to yoga class.” Melanie Piek is the owner and lead instructor at Vertical Fusion pole studio in Boulder, CO. Melanie has these two gems from her floor flow classes. “Think in your head that you want to see your vagina.” The second is, “It’s like sex. Just hump the floor.”

Melanie Piek  Photo by Senna Setera

Baast in Black was the pioneer who allowed me and a pair of my 7.5” Pleasers into her Sensual Movement class. Her trademark saying is, “You can do anything for 10 seconds, even anal.” Now imagine the first time I heard Baast speak those words.  I had my buns to the pole and I was bending over trying to touch my toes. It was my first time dancing in platform heels. When Baast wants you to get your hip circles right she says, “Imagine you have a flashlight in your ass cheeks and you are drawing a figure eight with the light. That is how Baast rolls.

Baast in Black Photo by G. Mark Lewis

Ashley G. teaches at Denver, Colorado’s Studio 3sixT. She has two favorite sayings: The first is, “Ok, it’s time to take off your pants.” The second is, “Careful not to hit your Cupcake on the pole.” All those years I spent in Catholic school and I always thought Cupcakes were from the bakery.

Pole Champion Daisy Gaviota teaches at Boulder Spirals and Tease Studio Denver. Daisy brings the “Cupcake” warning to the next level with the “Clam Slam”. Just a few months ago I was working on flipping into Superman in her class when I heard Daisy warning us about the Clam Slam. I’m thinking “Nutcracker” (because my equipment is a little different). Her other favorite focuses on nipples. Corkscrew spins are known to tug on nipples and when she sees one get dinged in class she says, “It’s like a starfish. It will grow back.”

Daisy Gaviota  Photo by Nina Reed

Leesi L’Ru owner and lead instructor at Denver’s L’Ru Studios shared her “mature audiences only” pole class nursery rhyme, “It must go up your bum bum. It is a pole but you knew that.”

Leesi L’Ru

I take studio classes and private lessons with Estee Zakar. Estee’s best saying are a mix of the same sexy and grit that personifies Miss Trixter on the pole. One of her favorites, is “Thrust and pop your hips!” Estee tells me that when she is teaching power moves she tries to encourage people to “Squeeze your butt!” She shows them how to thrust their hips by squeezing their bum. You lead the move with your crotch. The visual aspect is what makes it especially funny. Estee’s next most memorable saying is, “You’re not swearing enough! Am I going too easy on you?”

BK Brand Director Estee Zakar. Photo by Alloy Images


What are your Pole Instructor’s Favorite Sayings? Share in the comments below!






Bob Zamora

Bob Zamora

Bob works full time as a research meteorologist.During his thirty-seven year career he has published his work in several scientific research journals, and participated in weather research experiments all over the United States.He started pole dancing in 2009. Bob has performed in a number of Denver area pole shows and the 2013 Great Midwest Pole Dance Championship. He was a Masters Division finalist in 2013 Colorado Pole Championship.Bob is a student of USPDF 2010 Silver Medalist Estee Zakar. Bob’s pole style is inspired by sexy, artistic pole dancers, and contemporary ballet dancers. In addition to pole dance, Bob also takes ballet classes, and plays ice hockey with his beer league friends.He lives in Westminster, Colorado with his wife Carol.
Bob Zamora

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