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  • Becoming a Touring Pole Star: Step 2, Travel

    So, you want to be a traveling pole star? Do workshops all over the country and maybe even the globe? Pole is a great way see the world and meet all sorts of amazing people while doing...

    • Posted July 11, 2018
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  • Bad Kitty Summer Pole Fashion

    Summer’s officially here! Whether this is your favorite season, or your plan is to hide inside until it’s fall again (I see you, my beautiful vampires!) Bad Kitty’s got all your hot pole wear needs covered! The...

    • Posted July 7, 2018
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  • Pole Influencers: Fawnia Mondey

    In 1994, there were no pole classes, or studios, or instructional DVDs. But there were poles in strip clubs. At 19 years old, Fawnia Mondey decided that she wanted to learn to climb one of those poles...

    • Posted June 12, 2018
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  • Saving the Planet- Pole Dancer Style

      If you don’t think pole dancing and saving the planet go together- think again! June 5 is World Environment Day; the UN’s most important day for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment...

    • Posted June 5, 2018
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  • History of Pole: Influential Studios

    Pondering the origins of pole might not be the first thing that comes to mind when attending your pole class. However, every sport has to start somewhere.  Our sport started with innovative people who dedicated themselves to...

    • Posted April 5, 2018
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  • How To Give Feedback To Your Pole Students

    Call me crazy but I don’t think you should be rude to your students. Yes, there are some students who drive you absolutely nuts and hopefully by now everyone has seen Daniel Rosen’s parody student “Susan” who...

    • Posted April 3, 2018
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  • Ten Years of Bad Kitty®: Pole Clothing In 2008

    Looking back at pole over the last ten years, the sport has grown in a million different directions and thankfully, so has pole clothing. As Bad Kitty® celebrates ten years in the business of making pole and...

    • Posted March 21, 2018
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  • What’s Your Pole Dance Love Language?

    We all know The Five Love Languages: Gifts, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Quality Time, and Words of Affirmation. We all need all of them, but each of us has favorites that speak to us the most....

    • Posted March 20, 2018
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  • International Sex Icon Breaks Pole Stereotypes

    Human bodies come in different shapes and sizes, but our culture often tells us that only a handful of them are worthy of our admiration and desire. When it comes to people with disabilities, cultural norms are...

    • Posted February 22, 2018
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  • SMART Goal Setting for Pole

    The time of unsuccessful New Year’s resolutions is here. The average New Year’s resolution bombs within the first two weeks. There is actually a day called Quitter’s Day, which is on January 12th. This is the day...

    • Posted January 31, 2018
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  • The Best Snacks for Pole Dancers

    Between work or school, pole classes, rehearsals, performances, and/or teaching, it’s important that you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to keep up. For dancers, that means having a snack before hitting the studio. If you’re...

    • Posted January 23, 2018
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  • The Top 10 Pole Dance Songs of 2017

    2017 has been the agony and the ecstasy for us all. This isn’t a political post, but politics shook and divided America like never before. Yes, today even being “apolitical” is a political position. We’ve also suffered...

    • Posted December 31, 2017
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  • Keep Your Lower Back Strong for Pole Dance

    Maybe this is sounds like an obvious question, but do you know what the lower back is? It’s the area of your back that starts just below the ribcage. It consists of the lumbar vertebrae and ends...

    • Posted December 31, 2017
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  • 4 Cute Pole Holiday Outfits

    Lights on! It’s time for celebration! If one of the following is true… Your pole studio is decorated and looking festive. You have a holiday-themed photo session with your pole mates. You wish to give someone special a...

    • Posted December 18, 2017
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  • How Close is Pole to the Olympics?

    The world was all a-buzz last week when the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) announced that pole had obtaining observer status from the Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF). This sounds exciting, but what does it...

    • Posted October 31, 2017
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  • Proper Pole Attire in Class

    Someone has to say it, so I will: Dear polers attending class, please consider wearing proper pole bottoms and tops to class instead of the underwear you have been wearing all day at work. I surprise myself...

    • Posted October 16, 2017
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  • Pole Dance Competitions Outfits: What You Need To Know

    Are you one of those people who obsesses about those beautiful, shiny pole dance outfits on stage? I know I am. Ever since I was little I have always loved sparkly things, and that is why I...

    • Posted October 4, 2017
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  • Crowdfunding for Pole

    The phrase “struggling artist” exists for a reason. A life in the creative arts tends to mean a life without a ton of money. Whether you’re an actor, visual artist, musician, poet, or dancer, the truth of...

    • Posted October 2, 2017
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  • Sunset Aerial Party in Hong Kong

    Aerial Arts Academy (AAA), an aerial dance studio in Hong Kong, hosted an aerial showcase party in mid-August at CeLaVi in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. It was an eventful evening full of talents, laughter, and, of...

    • Posted September 5, 2017
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  • What to Wear? What to Wear?

    We all know pole dance takes on many styles, schools of thought, and raison d’etre. What you wear when you dance, and how and when you wear it, makes a huge impact on the dance experience. Both for...

    • Posted August 30, 2017
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  • How Social Media is Driving Pole as a Sport

    Social media is an undeniable force in the growth of pole as a sport. Some people eye the rapid expansion and change that has happened in the last five years in pole and will argue the negatives,...

    • Posted August 21, 2017
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  • Summer Workouts with Bad Kitty®

    The summer months bring about new opportunities to exercise in the great outdoors! Here are some of our favorite outdoor workouts that can benefit your pole work: Pull-Ups We all know that polers love their pull-ups! The...

    • Posted June 26, 2017
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  • Pole Dancing in Hong Kong

    Moving from a western society to an eastern culture can be quite shocking, even if that means moving back to your home town. As the airplane took off for my journey back home to Hong Kong, I...

    • Posted April 3, 2017
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  • 3 Super Sexy Outfits For Valentine’s Day

    You don’t need an excuse to be a bombshell. Dress like one any old day! However, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of the year to show off all your seductiveness and allure. With V-Day approaching, you might...

    • Posted February 14, 2017
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  • Introducing X-Purr!

    It’s rare nowadays to see a truly original pole product make it to the market, so we were stoked to hear about X-Purr, the new pole-inspired cat scratcher created by Natasha Wang and Arloa Reston. Since we...

    • Posted October 10, 2016
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  • Choosing the Right Pole Class

    Looking to get into pole? Yay! Find an intro to pole class. You’ve got a background as a gymnast and want to give pole a shot? Great! Find an intro to pole class. You’ve been dancing for...

    • Posted September 7, 2016
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  • Mind and Body: Reasons Aerial Arts Can Benefit Pole Dancing

    It’s easy to get stuck at a certain level of difficulty with pole, also known as the notorious plateau, where a student discovers she is standing alone in the icy wind of non-progress. It can be frustrating...

    • Posted August 27, 2016
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  • A Slut by Any Other Name

    I almost can’t believe I need to write this article. Can I be candid? I’ve had a mental wall up about writing it for a while now. I pitched it, I clearly think it’s important, but it...

    • Posted August 20, 2016
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  • The Definitive Pole Camp Guide (Summer Edition)

    Summer is fast approaching and that means pole camp season is here. We have compiled the Definitive Pole Camp Guide for the savvy poler who desires to travel. We examine each camp and ferret out the details such...

    • Posted May 16, 2016
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  • An Interview With Bad Kitty® Brand Director Estee Zakar

    Estee Zakar ‘s roots in pole dance go all the way back to the early years in Los Angeles when the pioneers of pole dance were building their dreams. She took her first pole class at Leigh...

    • Posted May 12, 2016
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  • 6 Trending Pole Moves

    The popularity of pole moves surges and fades. While some moves come and go, others linger. With the moves that have been around for a while variations or advanced transitions will eventually happen–cause why not make it more...

    • Posted May 1, 2016
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  • Kate E. Gaga performing at NWAAC 2015. Photo by Alloy Images.
    Bad Kitty Everyday Poler Series: Meet Kate E. Gaga and Juno Krahn

    We recently interviewed PSO co-founder Amy Guion about Pole Sport Organization’s new transgender inclusive policies, an article you can read here: PSO’s Amy Guion: Transgender Polers in Competition. Through our chat with Amy, we were introduced to...

    • Posted April 15, 2016
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  • Bad Kitty® Bloggers Secret Santa Pole Playlist 2015

    Christmas is coming up and I live for Christmas! It’s my favorite time of the year. Last year we created the Bad Kitty® Bloggers Secret Santa Pole Playlist and we’re keeping the tradition. We’ve been naughty –...

    • Posted December 25, 2015
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  • Bad Kitty DIY: Slash It Up

    Pole dancers tend to be somewhat fashion conscious overall, with styles that cover the board. But, something many of us seem to love are destroyed t shirts. From slashing your favorite tank up the back, to knotting...

    • Posted June 12, 2015
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  • Freestyle
    How to Have an Awesome Pole Shoot: Tips for Before, During, and After

    Professional Pole Photography can be a wonderful present to yourself. It’s a way to document your progress on your pole journey, but also, to celebrate YOU. Pole Photos can be a real investment, but there are some...

    • Posted May 13, 2015
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  • For the Love of Freestyle

    February is the month of love. Well I’m calling it the month of love because Valentine’s Day. When I started thinking about Pole and what I love the most about it (and let me tell you it...

    • Posted February 18, 2015
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  • A Day at the Bad Kitty® Headquarters!

      The greatest thing about working at the Bad Kitty® Headquarters is that every day is a new adventure. I never know what challenges I am going to face when I head into the office, but I...

    • Posted December 3, 2014
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  • The Rise of Pole Comedy

    Pole is a lot of things: sexy, fluid, smooth, strong, athletic, entertaining, fun…but funny? You bet. A new class of pole dancers has emerged: the comedians. Beginning in 2011 with Carlie Hunter’s landmark Granny routine and Annemarie...

    • Posted December 2, 2014
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  • Bling Your Bad Kitty Halloween Edition: Easy DIY No Sew Tutu

    Halloween is fast approaching and I’ve been inspired to Bling My Bad Kitty by adding a tutu to it. If you’re not in the US or don’t really celebrate Halloween you could still wear this for a...

    • Posted October 24, 2014
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  • Bling Your Bad Kitty!

    My last post was all about the amazing costumes at the Pole Divas Unleashed amateur competition. As promised, I’m going to show you how to DIY your own costumes using PoleFit matching sets, diamantes and other embellishments!...

    • Posted September 12, 2014
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  • The Story of PoleFit® by Bad Kitty®

    I love a good story.   I especially love stories that allow me to get to know others and inspire me. Over the past few years these kinds of stories have poured into Bad Kitty Headquarters from...

    • Posted July 17, 2014
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  • So Hot Right Now – Trends in Pole Competitions

    On Sunday June 22nd, I had the pleasure of attending my studio’s amateur competition, Pole Diva’s Unleashed 2014. I was lucky enough to be invited backstage to get a sneak peak of all the behind the scenes...

    • Posted July 16, 2014
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  • Pole and the Power of Sexy: Meet Annemarie Davies

    In celebration of United Pole Artists’ Bringing Sexy Back Week 2014 we interviewed the one and only Annemarie Davies, founder of UPA and creator of the “Joy of Sexy” workshops.  Annemarie dished on how she got her...

    • Posted July 10, 2014
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  • Sasj Lee performing at Black Girls Pole - photo by David Haws
    Empowerment in Action: Black Girls Pole

    On Saturday, June 21st, 2014, Bad Kitty was a proud sponsor of the inaugural event for Black Girls Pole. Hosted by Body & Pole in NYC, this event was the first of its kind! BGP brought together...

    • Posted July 8, 2014
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  • Romper Rock

    Right now in Australia it’s competition season. I attend Pole Divas and their annual amateur competition, Unleashed, is next week. Just after that is the Victorian Pole Championships in July and then Miss Pole Dance Victoria in...

    • Posted June 16, 2014
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  • Why does my cat want to pole with me?

    The only thing we polers are more obsessed with than pole is our pets. What gets really funny is when our pets are also obsessed with pole. I have two kitties myself, and they are as different...

    • Posted May 3, 2014
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  • Voguefit - party girls feature
    It’s all about the clothes

    How did you feel when you bought a new party dress that just hugged you in all the right places and showed off your best assets perfectly? And how about when you wore it out and were...

    • Posted April 9, 2014
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  • PWN Awards

      Friday March 21st, 2014 was the first annual PWN Awards in Los Angeles, CA. at the world renowned Dorothy Chandler Pavillion in the Los Angeles Music Center. The awards show was put on by Pole World...

    • Posted April 3, 2014
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  • Interview with Rodney James, aka Mr Burlesque

    Interview with Rodney James, aka Mr Burlesque Let’s get one thing straight: Rodney James, aka Mr Burlesque, doesn’t want you to just have some fun in his workshops… He wants you to be your fiercest, sexiest, most...

    • Posted November 1, 2011
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  • The Pole Dance Growth Movement – Internal and External

    Part 2 of a 3 part series In part 1 of the series “Pole is a Lifestyle” I discussed how Pole is not simply an activity, it is something much larger: It is a lifestyle – a...

    • Posted July 14, 2011
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