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The Magic of Nature. The Magic of You.

By on May 23, 2014

Nature heals.

This is something I’ve always known. Even as a kindergartner soaring free on my backyard swing set, my solace after getting in trouble with mom. The first time I let-go (and had fun) with the big-bad scary pole, it brought back that wind-rushing-through-my-hair while on-a-swing feeling.

The extent of Mother Nature’s power became evident after I endured several miscarriages early in my marriage. Support groups and counseling made me feel worse. Journaling helped me process. A few books helped me understand.

But nothing penetrated the dark cloud I awoke under each morning.

Until a coast hike in Point Lobos—called the greatest meeting of land and sea—let the sun shine in my soul for an afternoon. Monthly kayaking under the full moon soothed and mended me; eventually, I could laugh around children again.

When I brought my sensual warm-up outdoors, I discovered Nature is a meaningful mentor. She communicates through bird song, give-and-take rhythm of the waves and recurrent cycles of the moon.

SunRayBlissJunDuring a dance on the beach and regular sunrise walks, I noticed we’re like plants—we absorb energy from the sun to energize us. And then a stretch of trees I walk among regularly began ‘talking’ to me, not audibly, rather via sensations and wise inner knowing.

Despite this history, I wasn’t prepared for what came next.

Year of Magic

On an early morning walk in the first week of January 2013 I spotted two deer I’d never seen before (or since). The word ‘magic’ had already crossed my path in several notable ways but I’d been resistant to making it my intention for the year.

Okay, Okay. I accept. I thought to myself (and the Universe). It felt like a personal request from the goddess Artemis because an oracle card featuring an image of her with a deer had been popping up.

The pole studio I danced in for eight years closed a few days later.

After my last class, I felt an empty ache between my ribs and belly button. I described it to my husband:  “I left a piece of my soul in that room.” When it hadn’t eased by the following week, I crafted a ritual, made a ‘letting go’ playlist and danced on the beach during my class time. By the end of my dancing, I felt as if I’d reclaimed the lost piece of my soul.

Dancing on the beach replaced my weekly pole dance class. Dancing with the sand and waves eased the pain of missing my tribe.

More importantly, it deepened my relationship with Mama Nature. As we played, I received guidance, insights and answers to my soul’s yearnings.

For example, one day while dancing to Beautiful World (featuring Patty Griffin) by Dierks Bentley a waterfall of gratitude poured out of my heart as I danced at the edge of the Bay with the waves tickling my toes.

And I know at the end of my road I’ll be wantin’ more time
Just another sunset
One more kiss from my baby
A smile from a friend

In this beautiful world
It’s a beautiful world

As I’m awed by beautiful imperfections surrounding me, a childhood memory of my neighbor’s unused formal living room flickers into consciousness. I skipped through the waves choosing messy wildness over stuffy perfection. It’s an incredible truth for me, a woman who once chanted the phrase—I don’t have to be perfect to be wonderful—to begin to believe.

Our most extraordinary weekend occurred in Will Rogers State Park, near Santa Monica. There for a writing workshop, I danced at sunrise each morning.

Day one dawned in pastels. Slow and quiet. I moved while watching pelicans and dolphins feeding on fish.

BirdBallet The next morning, I danced a bird ballet with the pelicans and terns letting them inspire me.

On day three, I became part of Nature, wild in the sand. By becoming more primal, I influenced Nature. Dolphins and birds, who’d traveled south, came back to play. My husband saw it happen but remains skeptical of my magnetic superpower. (I’m not sure why. It works on him too.)

Experience the Enchantment

Nature is magic. I am part of Nature. I am magic. And so are you. Each of us is as unique and precious as a grain of sand.
Dance with Nature to remind yourself of this truth.

Strut your stuff in a local park. Drag your toes through grass. Crawl through the sand at the beach. Chair dance on a rock. Invert in a tree, like Deb Arana, who was powerless against that tree’s pull.

When my friend Tracie Nichols heard I was encouraging pole dancers to take their movement outside to play with Mama Nature she sent along this earth message.

Gaia is saying to remember that they’re dancing with the ecosystem they’re in. There’s an inherent sensuality in every being, and that is a resource—and a joy!—with which they can connect. Also, they may find elements calling to them… inviting them into moving fiercely like fire, flowing like water, swirling and dancing like air…or with the deep, slow, throb of ancient stones.

Will you answer Her call?

One beautiful day, go dance in Mama Nature’s embrace. And the time after that, I dare you to dance in the rain.

Lisa Faulkner
Frolic w/ me

Lisa Faulkner

Founder at Siren Institute
Lisa is a feisty tiger who frolics in the sand + around the pole when she's not inspiring others with her educational roar. Play and learn with her at
Lisa Faulkner
Frolic w/ me

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