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The Sexy Way To Choose Your Pole Clothes

By on November 2, 2015
Paparazzi's Dream by Mladen Bozickovic
Paparazzi’s Dream by Mladen Bozickovic

Meditate in my direction. Feel your way. ~ Olivia Newton John

Do you let your body choose what clothes she wants to wear?

I do. Because of pole dancing.

When I was asked to dance in an item of clothing that made me feel hot and sexy for a free dance at S Factor I chose a vinyl mini skirt with lace trim. When I tried it on at home it turned me on (and freaked me out!)

It was the start of putting my body in charge of what I wore, both in dance and life.

The first time I danced in the vinyl skirt, I loved and loathed it.

My body loved how it felt on, how it hugged my hips and the soft lace trim kissed my thighs. The slick coolness reminded me of water. But then it inhibited the flow in my dance. The vinyl stuck to the wall and pole when I tried to slide along them. I felt both empowered in the skirt and impeded by it.

With practice, I discovered ways to move in it without feeling like I was slamming on the breaks. Still I’d overheat. And black just isn’t my color most of the time.

So, I found a pink vinyl skirt that was less sticky. But as I softened, vinyl became too harsh for my body.

© Sassy Sessions by Natalie Moser Photography
© Sassy Sessions by Natalie Moser Photography

One day I discovered adored dancing in a pencil skirt, especially when it slid up high around my hips. But I’d get frustrated when it slipped back down around my knees so that affair didn’t last long. For a time I adored dancing in a denim mini, particularly to Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats. As I spiraled further into vulnerability in my dances even that fabric became a bit too rough and tough.

My current favorite skirt to dance in and wear in life is a fold over cotton pencil skirt. It still hugs my hips, and responds with just the right amount of tug when I circle them in dance or walk through life.

Raid Your Closet Dance Activity

Playing with clothing helps us get to know ourselves better. What we wear when we dance, particularly in free dance, helps us discover what our bodies love and hate, refines our personality and nudges us to reveal more of our authentic selves to the world.

Make a playlist of your favorite songs for warm-up and pole dance. Include a variety of emotions and references to clothing for fun.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.39.01 PM

Raid your closet. Choose your favorite clothes, especially things you adore but don’t know why. Add something you despise. Borrow from a friend and your spouse or significant other.

Include different colors, textures, weights of fabric and styles. And a sentimental piece you never wear but can’t bear to part with. Tops, skirts, pants, dresses, lingerie, jackets and more. Include accessories like scarves and jewelry. Old halloween costumes, masks, and wigs are fun. Even towels, sheets and blankets have wisdom to impart.

Place the clothing in a circle around you on the floor. You might also scatter several pieces around the room if you’re doing this activity in a large space or studio.

Cue up your playlist.

One of my favorite songs for this activity is You’re The One That I Want by Angus and Julia Stone. (Leah Joy does a longer version with strings or try the version by Lo-Fang, if you prefer male vocals.)

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.31.03 PM

Sexy Lace Cage Bikini Set from

(Pictured above: Sexy Lace Cage Bikini from

Imagine your body is having a conversation with your clothes. They are the ‘man’ — I need a skirt, dress, scarf, texture — and my heart is set on you…

Move and play with the clothing as you warmup. Roll around in it. Drag it across your head then belly. Drape it on different body parts. Wrap it around your wrist, hips or ankle. Once you’re warm kneel or stand on it and play at the pole like it’s a slip and slide. Then put different pieces on. Dance. Strip pieces off. Repeat.


What clothing empowers you? What feels good against your skin? What drives your body insane? Is it different for different body parts? What body parts hide? Which demand to be seen?

Looking for more sexy outfit options? Try some of these favorites pictured below from

One of my experiences surprised me. I want to adore leg warmers. I like sliding around the floor. But I hate them. My ankles and calves abhor being wrapped up. Yet, they adore the tease of sheer light fabrics, which I discovered by prancing with a robe on my legs. So, in addition to cotton pencil skirts, you’ll often find me in ankle long skirts with knee high slits.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.24.29 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 3.24.42 PM


Song suggestions for your playlist

Adorn – Miguel
Blue Jeans and a Rosary – Kid Rock
Blue Jeans Blues – ZZ Top
Beast of Burden – The Rolling Stones
Buttons – Pussy Cat Dolls
Drink You Sober – Bitter:Sweet
Gypsy – Shakira
Leather and Lace – Stevie Nicks and Don Henley
Play – Goapele
Short Skirt/Long Jacket – Cake
Strip for Me – Taylor Made
Wrap U Around Me – Sean Kingston
You Look Good In My Shirt (live) – Keith Urban

Listen on Spotify. Or dance to them all and see what you discover about you and your body.

Lisa Faulkner
Frolic w/ me

Lisa Faulkner

Founder at Siren Institute
Lisa is a feisty tiger who frolics in the sand + around the pole when she's not inspiring others with her educational roar. Play and learn with her at
Lisa Faulkner
Frolic w/ me

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