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The Top 10 Pole Dance Songs of 2017

By on December 31, 2017

2017 has been the agony and the ecstasy for us all. This isn’t a political post, but politics shook and divided America like never before. Yes, today even being “apolitical” is a political position. We’ve also suffered fires, floods, hurricanes and more mass shootings. We lost Tom Petty, Adam West, Mary Tyler Moore, and so many more. And yet, 2017 also gave us some powerful art (Get Out, Wonder Woman, Moonlight, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Bold Type…), personal accomplishments, and the #MeToo movement that’s taken down giants and even been named The Silence Breakers Time’s Person of the Year. It’s as if with each blow against our humanity, we rise up and push back with either a movement or a personal statement that says, “I’m still here.” And through it all, we danced.

Chenita from the Luscious Maven Studio competes during the 2017 PPC

We dragged our weary bodies and spirits to the pole studio, the competition stage, or to the privacy of our personal dance sanctuary. We danced to escape our everyday realities, or we danced to challenge and change them. We set personal best goals for new tricks, combos, and pole flow. We got lost in the movement. We danced when we didn’t have the words. We danced together and alone. We climbed, spun, flipped, flew, and melted into our body truth. We wept. We stomped. We seduced. We took no shit. No matter what 2017 threw at us we threw ourselves onto the pole and had something to say.

When we communicate with dance, we do it with two primary outlets: the body, and the music.

The combination is undeniably combustible. What were we dancing to in this fever dream of 2017? Well, I decided to find out. I polled dancers from different studios, states, Facebook pole groups, Instagram , Twitter, the BK Blog Writers, and teachers who had been observing trends in their classes. Perhaps even you, dear BK reader, let me know your favorite pole songs of 2017. There were a couple stand outs and repeats, a lot of similar emotions and themes, but over all a feeling of depth no matter what the genre of song. So, with that in mind, I have compiled for you The Definitive Bad Kitty 2017 Pole Dance Playlist.

The full playlist has 35 songs, but I want to highlight a “Top 10” sampling:

  1. PRAYING, Kesha

  1. DESPACITO, Luis Fonsi
    1. SLOW HANDS, Niall Horan

  1. SHAPE OF YOU, Ed Sheeran
  1. BODAK YELLOW, Cardi B

  1. HUMBLE, Kendrick Lamar
  2. ESCALATE, Tsar B.

  3. BAD LIAR, Selena Gomez

If your favorite pole song isn’t there, check out the full playlist here:

If you look there and your favorite song still isn’t listed – you might sad (or pissed!) and I don’t blame you! So let us know! Leave your song in the comments and I’ll add to our community’s playlist. Also, tell us why you love to dance to it!



Katie Johnson

is a Los Angeles based Fine Art Model, Actress, Writer -- and most importantly - Pole Fitness Devotee. She's been called everything from “magic” and “fearless” to “dependable, bendable” and even “the balliest f***ing model I’ve ever worked with!”

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