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Top Ten Bad Kitty Gifts for a Poler

By on December 14, 2015

Wondering what to buy your favorite poler this Christmas? How about something every pole dancer already has? Clothes. “I don’t need more pole clothes”, said no poler ever. Here are ten sexy, comfortable and flattering picks from the Bad Kitty® website.

competition shorts and sneaky v

Competition Shorts

What makes competition shorts special is a higher waistline and full gluteal coverage. These shorts were created with the assistance of the Pole Sport Organization. A must for anyone who wants to participate in a competition, and a nice option for those who like some extra coverage.

Sneaky V Shorts

Sneaky V is basically a competition short, but with a sexy twist! Featuring two wide sheer mesh panels and the scrunch butt, the shorts are available in black, carbon black and royal. Dark and seductive, but not too revealing, Sneaky V is for all those who need a shorter version of Helix and Ninja patched leggings.

shoulder mount top and polka dot shorts

Shoulder Mount Top

Let the world know that you are one of those strong and badass females that can do shoulder mount. Or maybe you can’t do it yet, but the top will be your lucky charm. This asymmetrical top allows you to decide whether you want to expose your right or left shoulder. The top has a mesh tear drop in front, and mesh back. Watch out, this top is very popular, so you might need to wait for it to get restocked.

High Waisted Polka Dot Shorts

Attention all pin up, polka dot lovers! These cute, retro shorts with high waist are not part of PoleFit® collection, but they are pole-friendly and so necessary in the post-holiday period.

body wraps and helix leggings

Leg, Arm & Body Wraps

If you feel like your costume is missing something, that something might be a matching body wrap. The 72 inches long wraps available in nine colors are a fun and sassy complement that can jazz up any outfit.

Helix Patched Leggings

It’s hard not to lust over Helix leggings: patches of black mesh and fishnet swirling make them irresistible. They are perfect for aerial silks, lyra, warm up, floorwork and all occasions when you need your legs to be fully covered, but stylish.

brazil pole shorts and showgirl top

Brazil Shorts

This one is a classic. Simple, low rise, flattering to every figure and available in every color you can think of (okay, 17 colors and color combinations) The ruching on the back will almost make you look like Michelle Shimmy in her #sundaybumday photos.

Showgirl Top

Looking for a top that will make you stand out? Shine bright with Showgirl top, one of the sexiest and most flattering pole dance tops out there. Revealing, but not too revealing, the top is a real attention grabber. Leave the simple tops behind and choose your favorite color combination.

6 inch platforms and leg warmers

6″ Classic Black Spiked Platforms

Let’s not forget about shoes. If your loved one needs shoes (who doesn’t?) these 6 inchers are a safe bet. Classic black ankle strap platform sandals are perfect for both beginners and experienced dancers in heels. They are light weight, comfortable, and versatile. And black. A black shoe is the little black dress of the pole world.

Ribbed Knit Stirrup Leg Warmers

We all know that warm up is a vital part of any exercise. A winter chill can make you more prone to injuries and slipping down the pole. Keep your legs warm with these one size ribbed warmers!


What’s on your wish list?



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