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What to Wear? What to Wear?

By on August 30, 2017

We all know pole dance takes on many styles, schools of thought, and raison d’etre. What you wear when you dance, and how and when you wear it, makes a huge impact on the dance experience. Both for you and any lucky audience you may have. We all have our old faithful pole gear, and there’s nothing wrong with having favorites. (I’ve got a falling apart part of ruby red, Juicy, velour sweat pants, that I could dance in for days. No shame!) But it’s always great to try something new! Expanding your repertoire will only make you stronger. Here’s a Top 5 List of fun pole styles and looks. Some of these may be your signature style, others may be a stretch for you.

  1. Rehearsal / Warm Up Gear

Ah, the comfort of rehearsal gear. From Ballet to Hip-Hip, we all love a good t-shirt with the neck cut out and leg warmers. This look is both for comfort and functionality. The goal is to keep your muscles warm while still letting your full body not over heat from the movement. The clothes should breathe, not constrict movement, and keep you feeling effortless. Other favorites: PJ pants, boxers, yoga pants, sweats, anything of your significant other’s, and all those great “Na’maste in Bed” style loose tanks. Feet are usually bare, but stirrups leg warmers, of fluffy socks are always a good choice too.  Just don’t slip!

Bad Kitty® Ambassador Mina Mechanic wearing PoleFit® Ninja Leggings

2. Goddess Magic

In the pole community, there’s a big spiritual movement. People practice pole they way they practice yoga or meditation. In this style there’s a lot of flowing, skirts, sarongs, and a heavy emphasis on natural beauty.  For some there can even be a mix of tradition and tribal wears (As long as it’s your culture. Be respectful!) There’s even a strong belly dance/pole fusion style that’s jaw droppingly gorgeous. Dancer bells, belly chains, and even henna tattoos can bring extra sparkle to this dance expression.  Usually barefoot, you can also add ribbons, anklets, and dancer bells to adorn your feet.

Lauren Lynn Manzano & Melissa Sanchez

Lauren Lynn Manzano

3. Boudoir Seduction

Bring on the garter belts, fishnets and corsets! This style is unapologetically erotic. With this one, the devil is literally in the details. There’s no such thing as too much! This one is particularly great if you’re planning to do a striptease… in public or in private. You’ve got a lot of little pieces to take off oh. so. slowly… This style is also a great fusion for the pole and burlesque communities. -Or “polesque” if you well.  (Oh, hi! That’s me!)

For shoes, try something fabulously vintage. Stilettos, anything with sparkles, and high heels with ankle buckles are a fun choice. Any sort of sexy street shoe can feel extra naughty bringing it into a pole dance context. Want to take it to the next level? Bust out the feather boa, opera gloves, and false eye lashes.

4. Stripper Style

Woohoo! Cut loose! Unleash your inner stripper (we know she’s in there!) Bust out that g-string and 7″ Pleasers. Or the dominatrix boots,  or rocker boots, or anything with a platform that gives you legs for days. To really pull off this style, you should be wearing very little. But what you do have on should make you feel confident AF, sexy, edgy and dangerous. Like “Fuck you, pay me” hot. This is about throwing polite society two middle fingers way up and worshiping female sexuality. Try out glow in the dark leg straps, or a fishnet body suit. Want to take it to the next level? Try dancing stripper style in pasties. You sexy beast, you!

Lux ATL, BK Writer and Founder of Stripcraft

5.  Competitive Athlete

Of course, in pole competitions there’s a category in which you could costume yourself in any and every style. But this particular fashion statement is meant to shine before a judges’ table. This style strips pole dance down to the fundamentals of technique and form. More of a sport than an art, serious competitors need only apply. In fact, there’s a growing movement of athletes lobbying to have pole sports included in the Olympic Games.  So the style of costume is sporty minimalism at it’s finest. One piece body suits and two piece sport bra and pole shorts reign supreme. And slick that hair back in a tight bun. No distractions. This style will bring out the Olympian in any poler.


Bad Kitty® Ambassador Sergia Louise Anderson


Dalijah, Founder of Black Girls Pole

Which style is your favorite? Or do you like poling with a blend – Your own unique flare? Let us know! And, of course, check out the all the different Bad Kitty outfits, shoes, and accessories. No matter what your pole style, we’ve got you covered!


Katie Johnson

is a Los Angeles based Fine Art Model, Actress, Writer -- and most importantly - Pole Fitness Devotee. She's been called everything from “magic” and “fearless” to “dependable, bendable” and even “the balliest f***ing model I’ve ever worked with!”

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