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Why does my cat want to pole with me?

By on May 3, 2014

8224076667_02d05c1f72The only thing we polers are more obsessed with than pole is our pets. What gets really funny is when our pets are also obsessed with pole.

I have two kitties myself, and they are as different as can be. Whiskey, my black-and-white boy from New York, loves watching TV and cuddling. Veruca, my blue cream girl from Salem, purrs when I put on make-up and gets her jollies by abducting Q-Tips. One thing they have in common is that they love to stare up at the pole, wondering what it would be like if they could only climb it like mom.

But this article isn’t about cats and their dreams of making it to the top. It’s about how cats react when we pole. Of course, cats have drastically different personalities, and their idiosyncrasies are part of why we are so fascinated by them. But I’ve noticed a pattern across polers and their pets: when we train, our cats get in the way.

Maybe your experience is like mine: You’re upside-down, hanging by a toenail, about to attempt some crazy dismount, and your cat walks up directly under you and just looks at you. “MOVE! MOVE WHISKEY, I’M GOING TO LAND ON YOU! GO AWAY! SCRAM! MOVE! Goddamn it.” <aborts trick>

Or you are spinning at full force and have to yank your limbs out of the way at the last split second so you don’t hit an approaching feline.

Or you are intensely stretching on the floor and your purry little one decides that it must be cuddle time.

This can’t be explained away by normal feline mischief. With the exception of trying to swat at my pigtails, they don’t seem particularly trouble-making to me. Rather, when we pole, when we stretch, when we train, our cats are just drawn to us. Attracted to us.

What is it about our training that brings our furry buddies to us? I have a theory.

When you are training, you are alive. You’re breathing heavy, you’re all aglow. Your cheeks are flushed, there’s heat coming off of your body. You are moving. You smell like person.

You trade your polished, civilized vocabulary for gutteral, instinctive sounds. You drop your consuming, constricting clothing for raw skin. And you trade the worries of your day that normally preoccupy your mind for the task at hand: working it out.

Animals are drawn to life. Think of the way our cats crowd around an open window. Even when there’s nothing going on outside (to the human eye), they know that outside is where life is. They can feel the breeze, smell green things growing, hear the sounds of nature or the sounds of the city. When you exercise, you are an open window to your cat.

Think of how much of our time we spend quiet, unmoving, restrained. Sitting in front of our computers or in front of the TV. Chatting cerebrally around the dinner table or while ignoring a commercial break between football plays. How often do you trade your homo sapiens language for pre-lingual, animalistic grunting and groaning? When you’re having sex, taking a HUGE dump… or training.

Exercise makes you an animal again. It makes you alive again. And your cats know this. They don’t know that you’re perfecting your fonji and will probably kick them. They don’t know that poler + gravity + curious cat = squish. They just know that in this moment, you are beautiful. You look and smell and feel and sound like life. And they want to be a part of it.

Pole Dance Killer by gωen, CC BY-SA 2.0

Pippi Parnasse

Pippi Parnasse

Pippi Parnasse has over 10 years of experience both in pole and in writing professionally. She lives in "Witch City" Salem MA.
Pippi Parnasse

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  1. Starr

    May 9, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    This was beautiful. I love cats and miss having one. Love this perspective.

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