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PoleCon 2018 Tattoo Contest

PoleCon2018 Bad Kitty Tattoo Contest

Going to @intlpoleconvention?

Here’s your chance to win a $50 Bad Kitty®️ Gift Card!

Bad Kitty® has filled all the PoleCon gift bags with Bad Kitty® Temporary Tattoos!

Find yours and and start getting creative! Take some pics sporting your tattoo at all your PoleCon adventures like Workshops, showcases, poolside, party time, ANYTIME is purrfect for Bad Kitty®.

Post your photos wearing your favorite PoleFit® and temporary tattoo on Instagram and tag #BadKittyPoleCon for ONE lucky kitty will be chosen to win a $50 Bad Kitty® gift card.

Happy poling, kitties! XOXO. #badkittypride