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Hometown: Paris, France


  • ★ 2013 Canadian Pole Revolution Champion
  • ★ Lead Instructor of Milan Pole Dance Studio Montreal Base
  • ★ Body Fitness Athlete (Figure Category)
  • ★ 2010 1st Place France Champion
  • ★ 2009 2nd Place France Champion


Introduced to Rhythmic Gymnastic at the early age of four, Prana excelled into the
National Competitions during her 15 years tenure.
Once graduated from The High State Sports Educator of Gymnastic in 2006,
she took on a new challege and became a fitness and gymnastics instructor.
In late 2007, she made a discovery on YouTube when she stubbled upon some pole dancing videos and she quickly fell in love
with Pole Dance. It was the same love she had for gymnastics years earlier.

Prana started taking classes regularly at PoleDance-Paris and 4 months later was chosen to
compete in Miss Pole Dance France 2008 where she ended up as the 4th runner up.
She was the sponsors choice and she won the heart of the judges despite having just four
months of practice. At the end of 2008, PoleDance-Paris hired Prana as an instructor.

In 2009 Prana competed and placed second, with the highest technical score,
in the First French Pole Dance Competition, recognized by the World Pole Gymnastic Federation (WPDF) .

In September of 2010, Prana won the Title of French Pole Dance Champion.

These days, she shares her time between traveling the world, judging competitions, teaching her master classes - workshops and teaching at Milan Pole Dance Studio - Montreal Base
as she continues to rise her skill level and expertise in the field of pole dance and fitness.


Her role models are: Marlo Fisken (US), Jenyne Butterfly (US), Oöna Kivela (Fin), Marion Crampe (Fr), Doris Arnold (Fr), Natasha Wang (US)...

Prana's Picks

Favorite Quote?

"Yo Yo Yo, that wasnt the Workout; That was the Pre Warm-up to get you ready for the Warm-up to get you ready for the Pre-Workout follow by the Workout which precedes the PostWorkout. Then we gonna to do 60 minutes of WarmDown." (Terry Crews in My Wife and Kids)

Q. Which Super Power would you like to have?

      A. My Super Power would Be TIME CONTROL (Be Able To Go Back To The Past to Live Those again or Correct some Mistakes / Accelerate Some Moments)

Q. Is it wrong for a vegitarian to eat animal crackers?

     A. Yes

Q. What is one of the things you would put on your "bucket list"?

     A. To Feel Free Before I Die