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Hometown: Tampa, FL


  • ★ Florida Pole Fitness Championship 2012 - "Most Athletic" - Pro Division
  • ★ USPDF 2012 - 2nd Place Overall - Amateur Division
  • ★ Southern Pole Championship - 2nd Place Overall - Championship Level 3 Juniors
  • ★ 2013's Poster Girl for Bringing Sexy Back Week
  • ★ Florida Pole Fitness Championship 2013 "Most Athletic" - Pro Division


Sarah Jade was born and raised in Florida and graduated Cum Laude with a Sociology degree from the University of South Florida in 2011. Her love for pole started at 18 years old after watching videos of her idols Alethea Austin and Karol Helms. Sarah danced at home recreationally for two years and then began teaching. Two years later she took a leap of faith and opened Buttercup Pole Dance. Sarah is a self-taught pole dancer and wants other home polers to know that you can be successful in this industry whether their history is in dance, gymnastics, or in Sarah's case...marching band.


Sarah's Picks

Favorite Quote?

"We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all." - The Breakfast Club

Q. Which Super Power would you like to have?

      A. Levitation, it would come in VERY handy as a pole dancer.

Q. Is it wrong for a vegitarian to eat animal crackers?

     A. No, as long as they don't make eye contact.

Q. What is one of the things you would put on your "bucket list"?

     A. I would love to go indoor skydiving!