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Tite Grip for Pole Dancing


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Tite-Grip is a non-slip antiperspirant hand lotion that dries clear and will not stain clothes. Tite-Grip Can be used under a sports glove for Maximum non-slip grip. 2fl oz. To apply Tite-Grip put a small amount in your hands and rub them together, you will immediately feel three things happen.

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true to size

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  • Ontario, Canada
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true to size
Amazing for Sweaty Hands NOT GRIP
I have such sweaty hands that I can barely do a basic pole hold or fireman spin by the end of some classes.
I put a small pea-sized amount on an hour before class and it helps so much!!!
It is not a grip aid, its and antiperspirant. So SOMETIMES I also use a grip aid along with this, but I try not to.

If my class is intense, or I'm having a bad day, my hands will end up sweating a bit, but overall this product does help A LOT with sweaty hands. You can put it elsewhere on the body that sweats, but I have never tried, just because the bottle is so tiny, I try and preserve it.

Bought it on BadKitty because it is a lot cheaper than other websites. :)

DEFINITELY will continue to buy/use

1 Item(s)

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