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Hometown: Los Angeles, California


  • ★ "1st Runner Up Pole Art Champion 2012/2013" in Hong Kong at International Pole Championships
  •  "Best Entertainer 2011/2012" in Hungary, Budapest at World Pole Dance Championships
  •  "Pole Art Champion 2011/2012" in Tokyo, Japan at International Pole Championships
  •  "Best Tricks and Strongest Pole Dancer 2011/2012" in Switzerland at Aerial Pole Championships
  •  "1st Runner Up and Pole Athlete of the Year 2011" in New York at American Pole Championships
  • ★ "1st Runner Up Pole Idol 2012"
  •  "Pole Idol 2011"


Mother of 2, Performer, Competitor and Instructor. I am performing and a part of Zen Arts a premier event entertainment production company. Zoraya first began pole just under 4 years ago with the intention to loose the baby weight and to find another fitness outlet other than your basic gym regimen.

In the past 3 years I have traveled the globe at an International level competing, performing and sharing the love of pole at numerous pole studios.

My goal is to continue to show people the art and fitness side of aerial pole. I absolutely love everything that has to do with pole, But for me it is the strength, control and flexibility that I find so
beautiful and intriguing.

-First competition, "Miss Pole Fetish Utah 2009", She placed 1st in the advanced division.

-One of the 12 girls chosen to compete in "USPDF West Coast Regional 2009 Competition", where she received her "Pro Status"

-Sexy in SLC, Oct 2009

-Competed in "Vertical Pole Challenge", where she secured a spot in the Finale.

-Became a clothing ambassador for Bad Kitty Pole Fit Wear.

-Competed in "USPDF National Championship 2010" in the Pro Division.

-Performed with Felix Cane at corporate event. 2010

-UPA Pole Artist of the month, May 2010

-Toured southern California doing pole workshops at multiple pole studios.

-Guest performer at the International Pole Convention 2010

-Inspiration of the month for Mika Yoga wear July 2010.

-Performed as an opening and closing act for rapper Common in Las Vegas NV 2010

-Performed as an opening and closing act for singer Mia in Las Vegas NV 2010

-Guest performer at EMW west coast competition 2010

-Zoraya wanted to give back, so she got involved with "All Childrens Charity". A charity that seeks to empower, educate and nurture talent in children all over the world.

-Competed in the "World Pole Dance and Fitness championship 2010", where she made it to the final round and became a part of the top 13 in world. Held in Zurich, Switzerland.

-Toured all over the UK and Europe doing pole workshops at multiple pole studios.

-Competed in the "American Pole Fitness Championships 2010" in October, where she was awarded 2 awards. 1st runner up and Pole Athlete Of The Year (out of the males and females).

-Was featured in Pole Spin Magazine August-November 2010 issue

-Toured East Coast doing pole workshops at multiple pole studios.

-2010 won "Pole Idol"

-Zoraya is currently performing with Zen Arts (, a premier event entertainment and production company.
Some of the performances she has done are "PLAY 2010" ( and "BURNINGMAN 2010" (

-Competed in "International Pole Championships 2010", December in Tokyo, Japan. Where she was awarded International Pole Art Champion 2010.

-Was featured in Pole Spin Magazine December-March 2011 issue

-Photoshoot for Affliction clothing and for Throwdown in January 2011

-Performed for the 2011 Maxim Magazine party, January 2011

-Performed for the 2011 XBIZ Awards in February 2011

-Competed in "Aerial Pole International Championships 2011", March in Switzerland. Where she was awarded Best Trick award and strongest pole dancer by Dominic Lacasse himself (The Flag Man).

-Toured all over the UK and Europe doing pole workshops at multiple pole studios. March 2011

-Has a 5 page spread in Pole Spin Magazine April-July 2011 issue and is considered an inspirational role model world-wide

-Performed and toured in Mexico city May 2011 teaching pole workshops

-Was featured live on Fox Sports in Mexico City during Cinco de Mayo 2011 to represent pole as an art and sport

-Toured Northern California and Tahoe May 2011 teaching pole workshops at multiple studios.

-Performed two nights in a row on the main stage at Lightning In a Bottle, May 2011, Los Angeles CA

-She has also been featured and interviewed by numerous news reporters, magazine articles, and tv personnel around the world.

-Performed 3 nights in a row on the main stages of "Electric Daisy Carnival" in Las Vegas, NV with Zen Arts.

-Performed at XPOLE showcase of the top 12 pole dancers in the world. "Pole Reflections" Sydney Australia, July 2011

-Toured all parts of Australia teaching Pole Fitness workshops. July/August 2011

-Competed at World Pole Dance and Fitness Championships 2011, Hungry Budapest October 2011 where she was awarded "Best Entertainer" in the finals.

-Toured all over UK and Europe teaching pole fitness workshops, October 2011

-Performed at Gravity First 2nd edition 2011 in Mexico City for XPOLE Mexico. October 2011

-Toured all over the Mexico teaching pole workshops at multiple pole studios. October 2011

-Photoshoot with Rebok for the cover of a fitness magazine in South America. January 2012 issue.

-Cover girl of Vertical Fitness Magazine in USA, February/April 2012

-International Pole Championships 2012, Hong Kong. Awarded First Runner Up Pole Art Champion and First Runner Up Pole Idol 2012

-International Judge for 2013 World Pole Dance and Fitness Championships in Switzerland

-Guest performer at PWN Awards 2014

-Zoraya has also performed with: Skrillex
Afro Jack
Dirty South
Chase & Status
Ozzy Osborn
Billy Idol
ZZ Top
Dave Navarro
Two Live Crew

-Zoraya has also performed for:
Maxim Magazine
XBix Awards

Some of the places Zoraya has taught Pole workshops and performed in:
Hong Kong
United Kingdom

Zoraya continues to tour the entire globe teaching the art of pole to at pole studios everywhere. 

Zoraya's Picks

Favorite Quote?

Fear is not real. It's a product of thoughts you create.

Q. Which Super Power would you like to have?

      A. Strength, flexibility and Matrix style learning abilities.

Q. Is it wrong for a vegitarian to eat animal crackers?

     A. No. I also don't think it's wrong to sneak vegetarians meat. LoL

Q. What is one of the things you would put on your "Bucket List"?

     A. Ride an elephant. Travel the globe. (Almost conquered)